Kevin Rose - Android owner

Kevin Rose. Digg founder. Android convert. [via Twitter] Thanks, bdizzel1982


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Another one bites the dust ...


Say what you want about Digg but you know you used to use it. Now there are lots of options like reddit and slashdot but Digg is still the biggest. I'm just glad Kevin made the switch because he's been a big angel investor in a lot of software development companies for the iPhone so now that he's rock a Droid he will hopefully bring with him some developer love and get some of these apps looking better.

My AT&T phone is ok outside, but otherwise it doesn't work so well. Any in any area where you constantly switch from edge to 3g - expect a dropped call (hello - all of Oregon and Washington).

I used to live in Seattle and the 3G - even with full bars was unusable. I'm not sure if it was because of all the iphones or what-not, which makes me wonder if switching to Verizon or Sprint will fix things.

And thus ends Kevin's Apple insider status. No more event invites, no chance to get pre launch review devices. What's next? Admit that the iPad is an over hyped unnecessary device doomed to dust collection duty?

He will soon toss his iPhone completely once he starts to fall in love with Android+Sense... but he regret that he didn't hold out for Sprint's HTC Evo 4G!

i'm pretty sure hes got enough money to hop over to sprint and grab the evo if he so wants to and pay the fees....

Well, if the rumors are true, and N1 and iPhone 4G are both coming to Verizon, then I don't think it's going to be AT&T's summer. Backflip ? Yeah right.

Kevin Rose is a fellow also from TWiT! If they got Leo Laporte to switch of the iPhone to the Nexus One, then Android has some real possibilities. Steve Jobs maybe a genius, but his obsession with control is going to cost Apple. It may not be an immediate thing, but I'm sure in the long road that developers & pros will eventually side with Android.