Moto Gs

Three members have a post-holiday gift from Android Central

Knowing that not everyone got exactly the device they wanted over the holiday season, we decided to give away Motorola's great new inexpensive handset, the Moto G, to three lucky members. Keeping the contest thread open for just a few days yielded 3300 entries over 133 pages in the forums.

And while we surely wish we could have given away more than three Moto Gs, we're glad a few more people will have a brand new phone on the way starting today.

Congratulations to InsaneCheesebsinc1962 and ojocell!

Each of you can expect a Moto G to arrive in the next few days. We hope you enjoy it!


Reader comments

Announcing the 3 Moto G giveaway winners!


I'm waiting for the user SamsungforLife to comment on how Samsung phones are better than this. But anyways congrats to the winner enjoy the best affordable smart phones.

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Oh believe me, I will enjoy it. Not only the massive upgrade that it is from my aging Incredible 2, but the mammoth savings of going from Verizon to T-Mobile. (Well, I was on T-Mo anyway, but now I'll have data that's actually usable.)

Thanks again Andrew, was one hell of a way to start the new year!

Congratulations to the winners !
Thank you AC for making this all possible. Everyone should be thankful they even have the opportunity to enter to win these things.

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It's unlocked; there's no carrier-specific version (other than Verizon).

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Congratulations! But I demand more competitions for international users!

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Many congrats to the winner's! I'm gong to win one of these days, at least I hope I win.

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Thanks Andrew and the gang at Android Central. As someone who's never won anything online it just goes to prove that you can't give up. When it's your day it's your day.

Congratulations to the winners...

If you don't like the phone, chuck it my way. lol

the big print giveth, the small print taketh

Congrats to the winners! Enjoy! I bought one for my fiancé and love the device. Moved her from Verizon to T-Mobile and the speed of the device and network is perfect for her. Can't wait to pickup my N5 then switch over when my contract is up :)

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