You've probably heard of Android 2.0 Donut. But did you know that future versions of Android will be named Eclair and Flan? It looks like Google is pretty serious in codenaming Android alphabetically after dessert type snacks. Originally, we thought following Android 1.5 Cupcake with Android 2.0 Donut was hilarious and clever, but seriously, Flan!?

As interesting as those name choices are, it doesn't really matter to us because with new versions of Android means new features. At a joint media event hosted by Google and T-Mobile, Andy Rubin the founder of Android, stated that a lot of emphasis on Android's future will be placed in social networking. He says:

“Social is a big push for now,” he said, saying eventually an inbound phone call could show the caller’s photo, name and the last update he or she posted to Facebook, for example. Another focus is expanding the ways software developers who build applications for Android phones can charge for them through the Android market, its storefront.

Sounds good to us, especially since in today's day and age, social networking is a pretty good horse to bet on. At the same event, Rubin reiterated his expectation that 15-20 new Android phones will be launched this year. Lofty goals, to be sure, but the man is paid to know these things. We remain ever so hopeful.

What would you guys like included in Android Donut, Eclair, & Flan?



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Future Versions of Android Called Donut, Eclair & Flan


Fully integrated Microsoft Exchange support!!! Put Windows Mobile out of its misery and make it easy for me to sync with my work email.

I would love to be able to customize the interface to make it my own I know there's apps out there that can do that but they don't work very well. A great example would be able to create an interface just like you create a homepage on myspace.

I'd like Android to support multiple languages, both in the virtual keyboard and in the software itself. 1.5 only supports English and Spanish! With Google as a partner all Android has to do is tap into Google's massive translation services!

I would like that them to improve the picture and video resolution to a much cleaner and finer tone, also I will like them to improve the graphics. I don't know if the graphics can be improved through software but if it can, they should do it.

What they need in Donut is Google Voice support/ app. Just got my invite and there is only one current app available in the Market. An actual app made by Google for Android would be nice, or if nothing else some software people can use to integrate Google Voice with Android.

cupcake and donut upgrade names were cute, but flan and eclair just retarted. maybe cinabun, or fritter?!?

I would like apps2sd for non root users. I am rooted but many who arnt, and won't root would realy love this feature.

the ability to tether without having to root. i'd be all over the g1 or mytouch but the tether feature is a must for me.

needs bluetooth voice dial capibility, and OPEN SOURCE! not a sorry excuse for legal crap! Don't be evil google! let Cyanogen make his mod!

Bluetooth voice dial capability is a MUST. I'm a motorcyclist and like many, I need to be able to dial with just a press on my Bluetooth headset while riding without having to press the screen to confirm. My BBerry curve did that 2 years ago, what's wrong with you people?

Ok so android are naming their software after cakes, seems strange first cupcake then donut, but i really want to see bluetooth obex support on it, the ability to send and receive files, also the following features
1. Improved camera
2. The abilty to install apps on the sd card

These have been promised before by previous firmware updates, but still yet we are waiting, let's hope in future versions get what we want

I was hoping Arabic font would be included in the Donut (Android 1.6 release) but to my disappointment, it wasn't.

So please!!!

1 - Include Arabic font in the new version.
2 - Include the ability to install applications on the SD Card.

Thank you!

I want stickam mobile back in the android and also i want them to improve on they're android applications like myspace.stickam mobile oh yea and the email i notice everytime i email a developer theyre email gets save on my contact list thats really shty


i need to know how to update my g1 to the newest version of android. i assume this is the 2.0.1?
please help me. my phone is getting crazy, apps won't work properly.

Almost every feature you people are complaining about on here is available by rooting your device. Apps2SD will never happen without root unless they introduce Digital Rights Management; otherwise people would be able to buy apps, install them to SD card, plug them into a computer and redistribute paid apps to non-paying users. Furthermore, the OBEX request is unfeasible unless it's engineered to only allow manipulation of the SDCard filesystem (unless you root of course). Wired and Wireless Tethering are both available for these devices as well. Google is never going to violate their own terms of service to make these apps and functions available; one of the main reasons the source code is released to the public for nearly every device running the platform.

At the end of the day would you rather have an open platform? or another closed, proprietary i(Suck)Phone?