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The Comscore numbers for the quarter endng in February 2012 are in, and it's no surprise to see that Android is still out ahead of all the other smartphone platforms in the U.S. The latest numbers show Android on over 50 percent of all smartphones in the country, rising 3.2 percent from the last quarter, and a whopping 17 percent gain from a year ago. Apple's iOS also rose from 28.7 percent to 30.2 percent (a 5 percentage point increase for the year).

Unfortunately, BlackBerry and Windows Phone still continue to slide, both are down for the past quarter (-3.2 percent and -1.3 percent respectively), while Symbian maintains it's 1.5 percent of the U.S. Market. It's apparent that users leaving RIM and Microsoft, as well as new users, are choosing Android more than the competition. We can understand why -- flexibility and freedom, combined with great phones like the HTC Vivid or Droid RAZR MAXX are a huge draw.

These numbers only take phones into consideration, so there's no iPads or BB Playbooks being counted. While we're always happy to see Android growing, we hate to see it come at the expense of BlackBerry and WP7. They're both great smartphone platforms in their own right, and we certainly don't want either to fizzle out. As users replace their feature phones for smartphones, hopefully they will always have the choice to use what suits them the best. To view more of the data, hit the source link.

Source: Comscore

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ohaaron says:

Muhahahahahaha. Just kidding... Good for Google, though. :) It's a great OS.

crxssi says:

>"While we're always happy to see Android growing, we hate to see it come at the expense of BlackBerry and WP7."

Well, what WOULD you like to see it come at the expense of, then? If Android is going to grow, it has to take from something. Apple?

Personally, I hope Microsoft drops completely out of the picture. They have more than enough dominance and control in too many other computer industry sectors.

icebike says:

Since Smartphones only account for only about half of all cell phones, there is plenty of growth opportunity without eating the lunch of the competitive smart phones.

I'd rather preserve diversity in the smartphone market place.

crxssi says:

But we are talking about a PERCENTAGE of the smart phone market. That is the whole jist of the article.

DrDoppio says:

WP7 is actually a very sleek OS, and Nokia's phones top-notch as always. Out of the two locked-down OSes, I would rather have WP than iOS -- or best, have them share 10-15% of the total market each.

JonJJon says:

I am ok seeing Blackberry disappear (though I never like people losing their jobs, that isn't the nice fair part of it all) as I hate BBM lol, but I do like WP7 I just don't like Microsoft much atm, I mean for example I will ALWAYS use Windows. I prefer the interface and the flexibility and I'm a PC gamer so Windows is always going to be my choice (that and I don't like Mac's prices and the Mac OS interface or their ignorance when it comes to not putting the UK keyboard don them). I could see myself moving to WP7 if something with Android forces me away but at the moment I'm lving Androids flexible make-up, the custon ROM scene is fun to delve into and I am LOVING the look of the Sony devices that I think I'll go for next. Google also is very quick in improving Android and I also think the developers will stay, even if it isn't as high as people expect. It will be the two horse race between Android and iOS at least for the foreseeable Smartphone future. Tablets is a different story, Microsoft could pick up big time there with Windows 8, I'm gonna stick to a nice powerful qwerty laptop for my gaming/portable needs with Windows 7 which I much prefer over a forced tablet style UI from Windows 8.

I love my Android devices, but what I would really love to see are more dual booting devices with both Android and Windows. That way I can still use a lot of my Windows software for work while using Android for everything else.

trekmario says:

Down with the apple. I love the customization. Like having these news widgets.tells me all that i need to know like android central ;) you just cant get that kind of stuff on the others. I had the bb then ihell now android.

DrDoppio says:

Apple's not going away, don't hate on them. It's good to have a premium OS/device vendor to challenge the slackers and to cater to the hipsters (so they don't infect Android with their form-before-function mentality).

dyinman says:

Dear Jerry,

When writing about percentages, be sure to make it clear which is a percentage and which is a percentage point. There's a very large difference. I had to go back to the source to figure out what the hell the market actually did.

"rising 3.2 percent from the last quarter, and a whopping 17 percent gain from a year ago."

That would actually be 3.2 and 17 percentage points, not percent.

"still continue to slide, both are down for the past quarter (-3.2 percent and -1.3 percent respectively)"

Again, that's -3.2 and -1.3 percentage POINTS.