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Can't throw a rock in this place without hitting something controlled by the new Android ADK. And we can't decide whether this one's cute, or just creepy. Maybe it's because it's not wearing pants.


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Wow, give it a few months, and they will be giving that Honda robot (cant think of the name off the top of my head) a run for it's money.

Yeah, sorry, in a fit of being lazy, I didn't bother to look it up. But yes, the fact that what you see in this video is being run by a PHONE is just amazing.

I'm starting to think that SkyNet learned from the movies and decided to let us make the robots and eventually make them turn on us. So I suppose kinda like iRobot.

I think this new ADK is the proverbial next step. Sure some of it is outlying tech but there is a ton of opportunity and money here. I'm really surprised Apple hasn't done this yet. I want to open my garage door by talking into my phone. I want to remote start my car with an app, I want to adjust my house temp with an app. I want to run my entertainment system with my phone. I know you can do some of these already but this will help standardize the market and make things mainstream. Looking forward to it.