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One of the great things about Android is the ability to install emulators and ROMS that allow you to play your favorite games from past consoles. The latest to hit the market is N64 Emulator, which plays such popular games as Goldeneye and Super Smash Brothers.

After playing the NES, SNES and N64 emulators, the N64 version is more playable thus far, though by a small margin. I think what makes the difference is the joystick, which is extremely functional and works a lot better than I expected it to.

If you’re not familiar with emulators, they create a virtual controller on your screen. An interesting part of N64 is that there is an important button, Z, on the bottom of the controller. Obviously there is nothing comparable on your mobile device, so they have positioned it in the top left corner of the screen. The joystick is on the bottom left, A + B are bottom right, the yellow C buttons are above A + B, and R is top right.

The layout is solid, but difficult for some games, like Goldeneye, that require the use of all of the controls. This is a difficult predicament to overcome and smooth gameplay will only come with practice or heavy configuration of the controls.

Some of the best games to play on this app are racing games, due to the fact that they require less buttons. I’ve played MarioKart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing and both have played very well. I assume this will mean games like F-Zero X and Wave Racer 64 will play just as well.

I have also spent some time with Madden, NHL, Mario Golf and Super Smash Brothers. The sports games worked fine while Smash Brothers was a bit more difficult due to the amount you depend on the C Buttons.

Keep in mind that I’m playing all of these games on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and that on a smaller screen where the buttons are closer together, you may get better results.

Overall I am very pleased with N64 Emulator. It’s amazing that we can get these games to work well on our mobile devices. To have Goldeneye and Perfect Dark available in my pocket at all times is unbelievable.

The app is $5.99 and is available from the Android Market. While the price seems high, it’s worth it in my opinion. Just to have the ability to play any N64 game you want at anytime is worth it to me. Check out a video, more pictures and download links after the break.


 Goldeneye 64 



Smash Brothers



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Android Quick-App: N64 Emulator


Having a physical keyboard represents quite an advantage in some games. Goldeneye is much easier to play when I can map controller keys to physical keys and use the accelerometer as the analog stick. Now if only the "zero" position were at 45 degrees or something instead of level with the ground. ...

I use the Gameboid and GBCoid by the same developer on my Hero, and neither were a waste of money. When thinking about what you get with the price of these emulators, 5.99 is actually a steal.
The Game Boy and Nintendo emulators I use I control with the Wii Remote through bluetooth. My only hesitation buying the N64 emulator is the concern that you can't map the joystick onto the WiiMote. But 5.99 for unimited access to every N64 game ever made is well worth it.

Have you tried using the wii classic controller pro that plugs into the wii mote? It has dual joysticks (its pretty much just like an xbox or playstation controller but for wii) but I'm not sure if it will work with the wiimote controller app. Its worth a try though because with that controller you could play any game imaginable.

i wish that would work for my Vibrant. I would love my phone so much more if i could play my psx and n64 games with a controller instead of the touch screen. =/

Can someone tell me how the download of games works? Do they come with the emulator? Do you have to purchase them seperately?


Super Mario 64 was such a great game for the N64. I'd lover to play it on a mobile device. I'm curious about the games too. Do they come with the app?

Killer instinct, kobe bryant basketball, maddened 2002, donkey Kong, Mario kart, don't work good on my incredible its super choppy.

I would like to see this on the Xperia Play. Sean when you guys get an Experia Play to demo it would be awesome if you could do a short demo on a couple of the emulators.

For a device that I think is supposed to be out next month there's been very little said about it. Especially since this will be the first SE on Verizon in years. I'm pretty sure it's not an LTE device so it should be smooth sailing release-wise,unlike the Thunderbolt.

You forgot to select one of the standard disclaimers from the drop down box:

"You must own the physical cartridges to download the games."

This would be just under the selections:

"If you brick your phone, we are not responsible. You've been warned."


"Don't try this at home"


What I love about emu games is the small space... I had thousands on my old game box all the way down to atari and c64 roms..

I just bought this app. Starfox 64 runs great on my Samsung Fascinate. Although it does seem a bit weird how the planet picking is laggy, but the actual gameplay is super smooth.

I think we should crowd source some performance reports in the comments, for those of us worried about how our phones will perform using this. Personally, I have a Nexus 1 and I wonder if this would be pushing my Nexy's capabilities. Anyone have an N1 and care to share?

i have a N1, and honestly, it depends on the game you're playing. I'm running the latest CM7 build, so i've got my phone overclocked, and some games still have a bit of a problem stuttering. Pilot Wings 64 plays kind of choppy, Goldeneye is the same. Starfox 64 game play is BUTTERY smooth. some more intricate games like Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time are stuttery, but def still playable. I have been waiting for this app since i downloaded the original NESOID on my G1. i'd recommend getting it, and if you can't play it, you'll already have it downloaded for you next, faster device

Just tried mario kart on my incredible. Ran pretty choppy so I refunded. I'll definitely buy again though if they get it running better.

"Just to have the ability to play any N64 game you want at anytime is worth it to me."

Don't you me games that you already own? An influential site such as this should know better than to promote piracy.

If you Google "N64 ROMs", you'll find websites that have them. I did. All you need to do is download the ROM you want (it's just one file, usually about 8 megs large), transfer it to your device (I put mine in an N64 ROMS folder on my Xoom), and away you go!

Works great!

Would really be nice if Game Gripper or someone came out with a bluetooth controller like they were talking about. Especially if it attached to the phone somehow.

I guess they didn't get nearly enough money... $30,000 was pretty steep.

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The week I was actually going to purchase this app, they have taken it off the market :0( I have this awesome xoom but no nintendo! Anyone know how I can get it?

so i have been playin super mario but its difficult to play on my phone, so i want to play it on my computer but i dont want to start over is there a way i can take the game memory off my phone and put it on my pc?