I'm not talking about Android passing up iOS globally, it becoming the preferred smartphone OS in the UK, or becoming top-dog in Europe altogether.

No, I'm talking about something for more sinister -- the actual invasion of Androids, on Rogers' website, at least.

It'll be a matter of time before they've taken the Great White North, and from there, we can only assume they'll head south.

Check out the source link to see the invasion for yourself. (And wait for it.) [Rogers]


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The Android invasion has finally begun -- no, really

If what I've read about it is correct, it's not a plan worth having. 600 shared minutes and 1GB of shared data will run you $120 a month, each additional phone is $25 a month. You also have the option of adding unlimited messaging, but you don't have things like "in calling" Compare that to Verizon, which is typically called the most expensive carrier. Cheapest 2 data plan is $130, but it's unlimited data and 700 minutes. Additional members are $40 a month (10 for minutes, 30 for data) but each user gets unlimited data on each of the additional lines. Texting would cost you $30 Then Sprint, is $150, but they give you unlimited Data, texting, and 1500 anytime minutes (plus any mobile) So yes, Rogers "shared" plan could save you some money, but only if no one with those smartphones used data.

We all know that, according to the Terminator saga, Skynet became self-aware this week and mounted its attack on the human race.

The more I watch it, the more I realize how genius it was, marketing wise, to invent a friendly green robot mascot to advertise for Android. I love this page and the fact that Andy can fly and has a teleporting beam. All hail Andy!