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A quick heads up for those of you who prefer to get your video of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World through an RSS feed rather than on YouTube.

Our feed has returned! We switched up some back-end stuff, making it quicker and easier (and much more stable) for us to serve up our weekly videos into your favorite podcatcher. All you have to do is subscribe. And you can do that with this link: That's it.

We'll have links to that feed in each episode, of course. And be sure to check out this week's episode, featuring special guest JR Raphael!


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The Android Central Podcast video feed has returned!


I stick to audio versions of all my podcast subscriptions, but good for those who care about the video feed too.

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Holy file size Batman! It of course won't stop me from subscribing to video now but the file size is just a smidge bigger than I'd like. I use pocketcasts which provides great support for listening to video podcasts audio only so having the choice is awesome. Thanks for this guys!

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If I wanna get video of the greatest Android Podcast in the world ill go to another Android site.

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Lol gotta love that AC has its own set of fanboys that get butthurt if someone doesn't see it as God's gift to the Android world.

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Link error? I can't seem to be directed to the correct page to subscribe / register... Please correct or post a comment here with the working link. 'n thanks for the vids

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This plus Pocket Casts plus Chromecast = thumbs up

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And........the feed is broken again. Come on guys! Get your sh$t together with this. The one podcast on earth whose video feed is still fubar.