Android 4.4.4 update now available for Moto G on Verizon

Android 4.4.4 is now available for the Motorola Moto G on Verizon. It comes as part of a larger software update for the Verizon Moto G, which brings the device's software to version 210.12.41. Motorola devices began receiving Android 4.4.4 earlier this month.

Moto G Verizon update

In addition to Android 4.4.4, the update adds some updates specific to the Moto G. Camera picture quality has been improved, and users can now pause video recordings. There have also been some usability improvements made to the phone dialer.

Are you seeing the update yet on your Verizon Moto G? Let us know below in the comments.

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Android 4.4.4 update now available for Moto G on Verizon


Where is the soak test for the Verizon Moto X!? I received my invite and filled out the survey on Thursday, but have not heard anything or gotten any update.

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I was wondering the same thing... has anybody gotten the soak? Or are they going to skip the soak and just push the update?

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This is what they did last time, if I remember correctly. Invited to the soak test, then the full release was available OTA after about a week without a test at all. Unless I wasn't a part of it after filling out the survey, of course...

I got the soak last time the next morning after invites went out last time, then they pushed the official like you mentioned. Maybe mine was just an early official OTA........

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I cant help but feel like they dropped the ball on this. Everybody's waiting for Android l and my Moto g still hasn't gotten 4.4.4. It wasn't long ago the this update was announced for this phone but for a company that promised quick updates for this phone they're dragging ass. So much so that I actually thought I accidentally threw away my Moto g this weekend while cleaning out my bedroom and didn't care. It did wake me up this morning when the alarm went off though. I liked moto more when google owned it

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It's the carriers not the company Motorola has done great with updates but Verizon has to update all their bloat

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

Umm.. No. It's not the carriers (well it is but to a very very insignificant level)

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Carriers have no control over OEMs preparing and submitting their updates. If an OEM submits their updates in a timely manner(see Moto) then the phones get updaed quickly. If an OEM spends their timebuilding a regular version, a mini, a plastic version, a beats version, a Robert Downey version...etc rather than preparing updates, then its going to take much longer to get updated. There are some things the carriers require and apps they will add, but OEM's know what those things are before the phone is even built, let alone ready for an update. If an OEM can't properly prepare those phones when the update is submitted, then the update gets sen back for correction. Carriers can't force OEMs to submit their updates right the first time.

Not always true. When I had an HTC Rezound, HTC publicly stated that they had sent an update to Verizon. The update leaked on XDA & worked very well to be honest. But, the official update never got passed on through Verizon to Verizon customers. So, if you want to be honest about it, yes ... carriers can seriously muck up the entire update process -- slow it down, kill it entirely, etc.

@ dizzle16 :Are you really that stupid. Android 4.4.4 was released in late June so almost a month to the date Motorola has updated 3 Droid phones and the Moto G is underway. Even nexus OTAs take about 2 weeks to completely roll out and that's direct from google. Look up narcissism your picture will be right next to it.

Android L doesn't even have a release date yet and most likely won't be released until late October or November. I haven't heard of the S5 or LG G3 getting 4.4.4 and those are flagship. You're moto G is a low cost device that if released by any other mfg would never see an update.
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Easy to call someone stupid behind a username and no picture. I would bet everything I own you wouldn't do that to my face. Samsung is always slow with updates as they release their flagship early in the year. . The LG g3 just got released on Verizon last week so no I don't expect it to be upgraded yet. . The moto g 4.4.3 update was halted for 4.4.4 so excuse (or don't) my impatience. so know your shit before you try to talk some. And before you say you do, all that android knowledge you got won't protect you if you had the balls to call someone stupid to their face and not on a protected forum. I don't know what type of people you deal with on your life but not one like me. All you had to do was say your 2 cents jackass. . No disrespect needed.
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Wow! Seriously you make it seem like I just threaten you're life or your family. People make stupid comments everyday, if you've never been told your stupid or an idiot for making a stupid or idiotic comment then you must live a very sheltered life. So just for my knowledge let me understand what you mean by me not having balls. If I told you to your face that you're stupid for making a stupid comment on a public forum in person; what would be the repercussions for such an action in your opinion?
a) threaten to punch me in the face ( crime in NYC)
b) punch me in the face ( crime of assault in NYC)
c) stab or shoot me ( crime of assault with a deadly weapon in NYC)
d) all the above. ( all crimes in NYC )
I've been told I don't have a good filter between my brain and my mouth. I just never really fell for the whole politically correct thing, I like to be frank. But really stupid is what puts you over the edge. I'm honestly surprised, would ( dumb) have been OK. I'm sure a poll on AC would for the most be conclusive that your comment was dumb or uninformed if that's more PC.
And also I know I don't have an avatar. But since you have stewie on yours, are you Seth McFarlane? If you are I take the stupid comment back because I think McFarlane is comedic genius.
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Didn't even read your comment. . Nothing left to say to you. Said my part and I couldn't give a shit what yours is anymore. Discussion over. Stick to forums when you disrespect someone.
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What an inane, stupid, ignorant, moronic comment. I'd be embarassed to post something that ridiculous. I'm hoping you're just having a bad day and will realize just how awful that comment is. Wow! That's a new level right there.

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So I post a legit comment, some jerkoff I've never met calls me stupid, and I'm wrong? It can be stupid, ignorant and all of the above. Bottom line is I'm a grown man and I don't call other grown man names and hide behind a keyboard. You want to talk that talk, back it up. When dealing with strangers, show respect until it's not given in return. You never know who you're talking to or what they're capable of.
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I find it hard to believe you're a grown man. And no, your comment isn't legit, it is "stupid, ignorant and all of the above"

You get both get a A+ in talking crap on a computer. Congratulations you both passed douchebag Academy and now have the same importance to me as the toilet paper I stick between my cheeks

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Check the first comment I posted that was ACTUALLY RELEVANT to this thread. All you trolls need a life and also to find someone who cares what you think

Not to be a jerk, but you are kind of being hypocritical... You say you don't call other people names behind your keyboard and then you proceed to call people "jerkoffs" and "trolls." You then continue the ad hominem with saying that the other people graduated from "douchebag academy." If you're going to try and be the mature one here, then be mature.
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I fight fire with fire. In real life and on the forum. I WAS mature until I was called stupid. after that I'll say whatever the hell I please. You have the same God given right. What you do with it is up to you. I made my choice

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That's fine, but then don't preach that you don't call other people names, when you do. By doing that, you're no better than the "trolls" and "jerkoffs" you're arguing with.

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Opinion duly noted and discarded as preaching to someone who doesn't want or need your life coaching.

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Just to clarify: several of the variants of the Moto G (e.g. GSM) already have received 4.4.4. The company (Motorola) has delivered it, contrary to your assessment. The Verizon (CDMA) has just come out, and I'm guessing Boost Mobile and Republic Wireless will come later. When you discuss your particular Moto G, it would behoove you to specify carrier or model to avoid confusion; it probably isn't an XT1033 model, for example.

Posted via Android Central App on my HP TouchPad (Schizoid PAC-ROM 4.2.2)

No it's not it's cdma. JUST LIKE VERIZON. Thank you for your advice, but unless I come out talking jibberish, I don't have to specify anything. I can ask where my update is just like anyone else. Don't like it don't read it and don't insult me by calling me stupid. A 12 year old can talk crap on a forum. It don't take a master's degree.

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I am from India I got the update yesterday on my moto g.there is nothing in this update ..they just changed the dialer ..looks like a window phone now..

Below is the problem i faced .... and did not get resolution from Motorola ... im gonna sell this piece in a month and buy mi3

Mahesh: Hi, my name is Mahesh. How may I help you?
Kiransingh Rajput: hi
Kiransingh Rajput: recently i upgraded my moto g to 4.4.4 kitkat
Kiransingh Rajput: its hanging
Kiransingh Rajput: now
Mahesh: I am sorry for the inconvenience because of this issue. I will do my best to help you.
Mahesh: Would you mind giving me your Location, phone number and IMEI Number ?
Kiransingh Rajput: Bangalore
Kiransingh Rajput: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Kiransingh Rajput: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kiransingh Rajput: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mahesh: Thank you for the information.
Kiransingh Rajput: i restarted couple of time by pressing poweroff button for 7 to 10 sec
Kiransingh Rajput: screen will respod for 3-5 secs
Kiransingh Rajput: then freezes
Mahesh: I suggest you cache the device once it will the issue.
Kiransingh Rajput: ok
Kiransingh Rajput: it wont delete my data right?
Mahesh: Data will remains same.
Kiransingh Rajput: if this wont work what will be the next option
Mahesh: Plaese perform Factory reset .
Kiransingh Rajput: then what about my personal data?
Kiransingh Rajput: that is my main concern
Mahesh: Please back up the data with pc.
Kiransingh Rajput: ill check with that
Kiransingh Rajput: how to save contacts .. can u give the file location
Kiransingh Rajput: of contacts
Mahesh: Menu >>People>>Export to storage .All contacts will appears with pc copy and paste.
Kiransingh Rajput: great .. thanks for assistance
Mahesh: Is there any thing else that i can assist you with ?
Kiransingh Rajput: Menu >>People>>Export to storage
Kiransingh Rajput: wont work
Kiransingh Rajput: for me
Kiransingh Rajput: since screen is freezing
Mahesh: Please sync contacts with gmail.
Cache cleaning didnt helped me SO,
AT last i did factory reset and lost all my data .... who can live 1 day without a cell ... :(

Hi, I just want to ask a question regarding my Moto G from Verizon.
Will the update appear like the other updates do when it comes to the
Verizon phones? So, when it does, I just have to have to tell it to "update"?
I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, just asking what I need to do when
the update appears.

Yes, it's pretty much straightforward. The phone will display "New system software available" and then tap "Yes, I'm in." The phone will start downloading. It's around 180MB. After the phone finishes downloading, it will display "Install system update" and then tap "Install now." After it's done, the phone will display "Update complete."

Hello I just got my Motorola moto g and I haven't had any updates ive tried on about system and when I click system update it says unavailable I've restored my phone please help.