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Sure, the Galaxy Note 3 has received an update to the latest version of Android in March, but what about its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2? After outlining that the device would be receiving the KitKat update later this month, Samsung is making good on its promise by rolling out the update to Sprint's Galaxy Note 2.

This is the first major update for Sprint's Galaxy Note 2 this year, and brings all of KitKat's goodies to the last-gen phablet, like improved battery life, white status bar icons, full-screen album art, wireless printing support and more.

Samsung is on a roll as far as Android updates are concerned, and has rolled out KitKat to the international version of the Galaxy S4 Active earlier this week, and to the Galaxy Mega 6.3 today.

As is usually the case with these updates, it might be a while before all users receive it. If you don't see the OTA update, head over to the device's settings to manually check if there is one available, or connect your device to Samsung Kies to check for an update.

Now that Sprint has rolled out the KitKat update, other carriers should follow suit shortly.

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Android 4.4 KitKat rolling out to Sprint's Galaxy Note 2


Waiting for the KitKat upgrade for the T-Mobile USA Note 2. It belongs to my GF, otherwise I would have installed a 4.4.2 ROM on it myself long ago.

"Others will follow shortly". Just like the US S3 variants. Which means in 4-7 months after the bloatware is added.

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I'm not from the States and I have a question: Does Sprint load lesser bloat onto their devices or is it just that they care more about their users and are fast to update even older devices?

Posted from my de-TouchWized Samsung Galaxy S3 running SlimKat 4.4.2

They don't add a lot of bloat to their devices. In turn, it helps to push out faster updates. Sprint is usually among the first to push out updates.

BTW, love your signature!

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Been running aosp versions of 4.4.2 for awhile on my Note 2. I'm tempted to go back to stock to try it but I know it will be bloated and laggy so I think I'll just stick with the smooth fast Slimkat rom.
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+1 SlimKat is very smooth although it may not have the amount of customisations others would've desired from a ROM. Much better than TouchWiz that's for sure.

Posted from my de-TouchWized Samsung Galaxy S3 running SlimKat 4.4.2

Ha! All the goodies KitKat brings like better battery life! Ha!

KitKat has done nothing to improve battery life for quite a number of Note 3 owners. Quite disappointing. Why fix something that isn't broken!

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It's my understanding that any apps you've moved to the SD card will be rendered useless unless you put them back onto your device. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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I have been checking all day and nothing. 4.4 should hold me over until the Note IV is released.

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That what I was thinking also. Was very close to the Note 3 but my note 2 is fine and with Kitkat maybe I can hold off.

I got the update yesterday and I see NOTHING that has changed at all.. I mean NOTHING! Someone who uses Sprint with the Note 2 want to tell me what is different? I have had issues with my phone so maybe it didn't go through or something.

I'm going to mark your YouTube channel as spam from my 10 Google accounts... thanks for posting in the wrong thread.