Galaxy Note 2

Version bump, Galaxy Gear support and other smaller features come with build G8FJ20LB0Q02

Verizon has begun pushing out Android 4.3 to Galaxy Note 2 owners. The update comes in the form of build G8FJ20LB0Q02 which not only brings Android 4.3 to the device, but also support for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. In addition to Gear Support the update bumps Samsung’s Pen Up app to the same version that is found on the Galaxy Note 3, as well as enhances the Multi Window mode on the device by adding support for more apps.

This update also brings a number of smaller fixes like enhanced WiFi performance, extended battery life when using exchange, and updates to many of Verizon’s included apps. The update is hitting many devices right now as an OTA update, but it is also available through Verizon’s Upgrade Assistant on the computer.

Have you already received the update on your Verizon Note 2? Sound off below and let us know how things are working out for you.


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Verizon pushing out Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2


Now I can tell my friend that bought my Note 2 to update her phone. She will probably complain about getting a pop up notification about the update.

Someone actually paid $350 for that thing?!?!?!?

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I would have bought Gear, if only my Note 10.1 (phone model) had been updated. But NO... Have to get Sonys Sw2 then =)

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lol.. BS

If you are really having the issue, then do a Factory reset. It will cure what ails you.

It will, one more I think

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Downloading on my UK Vodafone Note II, Not exactly small at nearly 900 megs, Will have to wait and see how this changes things (hope my "OK Google" still works).

I don't see any difference with the s-pen. I thought it was supposed to be like the Note 3? Moving apps to the sd card is really great. Got it today in New Jersey!!

I am pretty sure they were not supposed to be in this one, but 4.4.

This one is apps2sd, 4.3, knox, wallet, trim and gear support.

I dont see none of the enhanced s pen features from the note 3 carried over into the note 2 with this new update.

i dont think samsung will give us the 4.4.2 before the gs5 does on sale , its usually what they do
but 4.3 is still very good so nothing to envy

No interest here. My Verizon Note 2, still on original release software (4.1.1), runs like a champ yet. There's nothing in these updates for me to risk screwing that up. If it ain't broke.... :D

Works good so far. No Knox that I can see and it seems the pen features are not there unless I haven't figured it out yet. So far so good

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If you have a note 2, you should root and use the latest of Sky note. I have 4.3 and basically every feature the note 3 has all on my Note 2. Very stable too

It won't block them, but it will silence notifications during the timeframe you specify. You can make exceptions for specific people or groups.

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Took a while to download, but it's working great!!! So far, slightly better resolution, smoother OS actions, faster operation, better signal reception, and some good new 4.3 features. Google finally added the call blocking features into the OS. Split window works better with more apps. Battery life seems the same so far. Which was great to begin with.

I'm beginning to think all this update was for was to get Galaxy Gear support. We didn't get any upgrades to the camera or the s-pen. The phone is quicker but I was really hoping for the Drama Shot in the camera. It's ok I guess

Update downloaded and installed as expected on my note 2. The phone seems to work faster and smoother. I'm happy with the update, this will have to do it for now until I can upgrade to the note 3.

Samsung sync was fixed. I will try the gps tomorrow. pretty long drive.
I like most of the changes, but they removed the date from the pull down menu.why?
I like the wifi toggle shortcut in the drop down menu better too.
I just set up blocking mode too. No more stupid auto texts going off at all hours of the late night or early morning!
The update re enabled auto correct and replace when typing. i had to fix several things just in this short comment. [gps wifi etc].

Does anyone else have trouble with their GPS?[Google Maps version] I haven't tried since the update but, prior it would have trouble freezing just long enough a mile or more so that I would miss a turn. or it might show me traveling down a highway then suddenly it was rerouting because it thought I was on the service road or on a side street.
my personal favorite is when Iam stopped at a light and the icon is still moving...
When I bought the note 2 I was new to Verizon and Samsung. I never had these issues using google maps on sprint with the evo, evo 3d or evo lte. Sprint's net work sucked and is so slow I my area as to be nearly useless, but the gps worked great every where I went.

I'm surprised Jerry didn't fight you to post this so he could get his favorite home button pic back with his name under it.


Wonder if it fixes the Touchwiz mobile hotspot bug. I had to install a Non-Touchwiz custom rom to work around the issue. This is solely a Touchwiz issue.

Switched over to my Note 2 from the Moto X to check this out. Install was smooth and so far everything seems to be running great. I'm not sure if there are any features that are all that important to me, but after using most of the day yesterday I remembered how much I like that 5.5" screen and true multitasking. I really like my Moto X, I just forgot how much I did use the Note features.

Check your Display settings. There is an additional Screen mode called Adapt Display. That may a count for the color issue

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I'm having issues with the battery too. I'm not having issues with the screen.

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DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU USE FOXFI!!!!!! Verizon installed their subscription checker with this update that breaks foxfi!!!

Downloaded the update and lost foxfi can I roll back to old vrs? Or does anyone know if foxfi will come out with an update?

You cannot reset the android version. I tried and and I still have 4.3. Hopefully Foxfi will figure out a fix. You can still use the usb wire for internet on a windows device (i.e. a desktop or laptop) just go to settings/about phone and tap on build number 5 times to enable usb debugging. Then select Camera PTP on your phone usb computer connection. You'll have to install the foxfi/pdanet software on your windows device so they can talk.

Do NOT update! My GN II was stable & SOLID AS A ROCK before I regrettably initiated this CORRUPT-date!!! OTA FAILED EPICALLY & went into an infinite loop of boot up & shut down. Had to take it into BB/Samsung for a reset & bench install. Lost a bunch of data as this fiasco started at midnight before I had a chance to backup! Now I deal with INSTABILTY issues constantly! Today I was not receiving texts. SEVERAL apps that used to work fine no longer will. It has been a continuing NIGHTMARE! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO SPEND $350 on a watch (GG) that simply REPEATS what my phone ALREADY tells me!!! :O