Note 2 update

OTA brings Galaxy Gear support, KNOX security and new TouchWiz features

The AT&T Galaxy Note 2 is the latest Samsung device to receive an update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean which. And as we've come to expect from Samsung updates of this kind, the firmware brings a bunch of new Samsung features alongside the newer Android OS version.

There's support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Samsung's KNOX enterprise security suite, along with new "premium suite" features including a refreshed Galaxy Note 3-style multi-window mode, Easy Mode for a simplified UI in the launcher and other apps, and new camera features including Sound & Shot.

The update is rolling out over the air right now, so head to Settings > About phone > Software updates to get started — the build number to look for is I317UCUBMK6. If you're updating today, join the discussion in our AT&T Galaxy Note 2 forum.

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Android 4.3 update hitting AT&T Galaxy Note 2


Is there anyway to sideload the update on a non rooted Gnote2? I would love to be able to sideload it on my fiance 's phone.

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Ya its annoying, if the multi-window feature was adopted by the Rom community i would ditch the stock rom, im rooted so if i can flash the update i would

Posted from My GNote 2 via AC App

Honestly, I am not liking a lot of the things that have changed.
Getting rid of the dark theme in the email app, new lock screen, no news ticker on the lock screen. Getting rid of borders and such throughout the menus, folders, etc.
A lot of the icons, settings, menus and interactions seem to be more bubbly. Almost feels like a kids toy now.
Lock screen doesn't have a swipe to bring up the pin pad. No more apps on the bottom row of the lock screen. As soon as you turn on the lock screen the number pad comes up. That's it. It honestly feels like a **** iPhone screen.
With the recent update, my SwiftKey keypad doesn't Vibrate when typing anymore. This is my biggest disappointment right now. I suck at typing now.
Some widgets look like a 4 year old created them.
In the end, it is still a good phone, and honestly, I don't know why I updated. I was happy with 4.1.2. I had no problems with it.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

It sounds like you just don't know how to use your phone. You can turn the vibration setting on, It's called haptic feedback. As far as those other ridiculous rants go, Samsung makes a how to video for technology noobs such as yourself. I am just astounded at this list of crap you polluted this comment section with.

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Increased battery drain, usually attributed to the new Knox security software. A master factory reset has helped some, but not all. Many still report decreased battery life compared to pre-update.

Sounds like the Note 1 update... My OG Note never performed better and lasted longer than it did on 2.3 Gingerbread. 4.0 and then 4.1 killed it.

I expect as much when they roll 4.4 to the Note 3.

Why? It is different than what you are used to but it is pretty easy to get used to the changes.

Wife hated the 4.3 update for about 2 days, then she got over it

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Downloading a software update as I type this, I'm in southeastern Oklahoma Btw.

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Howdy neighbor! Got a update postponed message, so just waiting.

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Nice! I still haven't taken the time to do it. Well that and I'm a little scared, I've been with the galaxy S line since the captivate on AT&T. The updates have broken more in the past than what they've fixed. I think they've come a long way on updated since then though. Everything going good for you?

I'm with Verizon and would rather be last to get the update, so all the bugs will hopefully get worked out.

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The bugs with the OS and the stuff Samsung throw on, sure they are worked out. THe new ones that Verizon (or any other carrier for that matter) bake in, not so much

Hello Knox Warranty, and goodbye to custom recovery. Anyone who flashes roms should avoid this as it locks the bootloader.

Don't do it unless u like a phone hard to root with a locked down bootloader trust me I have note 3 we have No recovery or roms...root and use a 4.3 rom if u want 4.3

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Updated my note 2 no complaints so far. That douche in the comment list earlier with all that nit picking can E.A.D. I'm happy that at&t finally got off their asses and updated this beast of a device

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I saw that everyone else with 4.3 have emoji on their keyboard. I cant seem to find them. Does anyone know where they are, if theyre there at all?