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New features, but with very few noticeable UI changes

Right on the heels of the Galaxy Note 3 launching with Android 4.3 on board, a prerelease build of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4 has leaked out. The folks over at SamMobile have released a test build of the upcoming firmware for willing users to take a look at, and they claim that it is relatively stable. The biggest updates included here are new software features that we find on the Galaxy Note 3, along with lots of under-the-hood fixes and improvements.

The build is made for the unlocked European model (GT-I9505) of the handset, and the site claims that it is ready to be loaded on your own phone for testing if you are willing to deal with some issues. As with any other prerelease or test firmware there's always a chance that you could run into issues, so be sure to do your research and flash with caution.

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Android 4.3 build leaks for Samsung Galaxy S4


Pretty sure this was a planned leak. Samsung saw that HTC was releasing 4.3 updates for the One and decided to "leak" what they have so far to appease the hardcore nerds.

It isnt like they just all of a sudden started. They said it was coming because of the gear

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I wish i could find the info what the 4.3 update is for the HTC one, because Samsung, when they upgrade android, they usually bring everything plus new things. HTC didnt bring extended notifications till 4.2, so, if they are upgrading the OS, but not carrying the new features from it... so, what do i get from my about phone showing that i have the latest or upgraded OS, if im not getting the things that the OS brings... when will people get it, is what the upgrade actually brings to the table, not what upgrade number is.

Did Samsung ever fix that dorked up method of creating folders? I thought ICS allowed an icon to be dragged onto another, to create a folder. Have any of the JB releases + TouchWiz changed that?

What? HTC had extended notifications on 4.1.2 as well. The 4.3 update for the One brings everything that 4.3 brought to the Nexus line.

Not on Verizon you won't.

I thought Samsung was going to stay on top of updates after they announced the SG3 last summer, they mad a big deal about updates last year, and it was nice to see Note 2 features in the SG3 after updated a couple months later. I wish Sammsung would just skip 4.3 and get to 4.4 faster, because that is the update everyone is going to want.

I was given a GS3 from Asurion as a replacement for my GNEX (eol) and have hated the fact it is on 4.1. I pray that the Nexus 5 comes to vzw, even though its a very long shot, or will get the Moto X after I budget a little bit.

It's a phone update lol. Somebody needs to clip the toenails and get out more.

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You grown ups just don't get it....
All the "Cool" kids have 4.3 at least!

After reading Phil's first impressions of the Gear I think they're doing us a favor by holding it back a while yet.

Rooted... been on 4.3 (AOSP, PA 3.99 RC2) for a month now... Gnote 2 owner, BAHM! BOOM! POW! w/ nova launcher... screw TW, BAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

Look at the Latest Baseband :). Sprint GS3 is due for an update any day now :).

I really hope that this update improves performance on this device. For something with a snapdragon 600 processor, it lags pretty terribly (first world problems I know).

Really? How long have you owned the GS4? I have had mine for about 3 months now and it's buttery smooth 95% of the time. Not calling you out or anything, just legitimately want to know if I should expect my GS4 to worsen over time.

Not suggesting this is the case with the commenter above, but pretty much any lag noticeable on the GS4 can usually be fixed by using an alternate launcher, such as Nova. Some may say this is irrelevant and that Samsung should fix their problems (and maybe they should), but frankly I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to install Nova (or Apex, etc) far as I'm concerned, it's a superior experience regardless.

FWIW, I've had my S4 since launch, and mine is still as buttery smooth as the day I bought it.

Agreed. I've been using Nova Prime since day 1 with my S4 and it is smooth as can be and exactly what I want in my phone with little compromise. I also use widget locker and that works amazingly as well.

It's more likely because your old device lagged much worse than your YOU don't notice it...but it's there. A launcher does not fix it (love Nova too though).

But... But, I have a Nexus 4; I don't have the money for a GS4, right now. I'm just a big fan of Nova Launcher, lol.

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Same, use Nova on my nexus for custom icons and 3d effects/background on app drawer

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Have to disagree with you, friend. The lag from the touchwiz launcher was very noticeable for me. Scrolling was the biggest culprit. Nova has gotten rid of all my lag issues. Scrolling is perfect and launching apps couldn't be better. This is all my experience though, so take it with a grain of salt. Maybe you're right and there is a ridiculously tiny amount of lag that I just can't notice, but, if that's the case, I'm still all for changing launchers up over plain touchwiz.

I'm with you, been running NOVA prime since day 5 of having my gs4 (wanted to try touchwiz out) after switching any lag I experienced was gone and my gs4 is mostly buttery. Definitely one of the fastest smoothest phones available and I've tried them all.

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Same here. Never saw much lag anyway, what little there was went away after that last update. My battery life improved a bit also.

Trust me vermadworld1988 it is way way better. flashed and been using it for a few days now and it's ace. No risk involved whatsoever. You also get to play with some kool apps such as knox and samsung wallet. overall the experience is very gr8. Go on take the risk (not a risk really but hey ho)

No visual changes... Once again Samsung releases an update to their phones still running Gingerbread while just modifying the build.prop

No visual changes... Once again Samsung releases an update to their phones still running Gingerbread while just modifying the build.prop

Yep you got'em all figured out. Those sick puppies screwing with us like that


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I'm becoming concerned they won't be able to push the update from the note 3 to the note 2. It might not be able to handle all the crap without the hardware under the 3

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Sprints GS3 is due for an update any day now :)
Look at the Baseband version :D

That is one of the main reasons. For the gear and for 4.3

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You're old news lol. My Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, both, had 4.3, when I purchased them, back in JULY.

See? I can be a d**k, too, lol.

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N10 had it ages ago as well, but it wasnt exactly anything to right home about now was it? Its indistinguishable from 4.1 for the most part. OS updates are over rated, the features added in by the OEMs are a far bigger deal.

I can't read/speak Korean, but I once read a Korean Samsung S3 owner forum.(using Google Translate) Apparently
Korean users complain the loudest about getting OTA updates to Android on their phones. In fact, some mentioned
that a group of S3 owners rolled up to the office building where Samsung engineers worked and demanded a face-to-
face meeting because of the delay in getting updates.

If we did that here we would have to go to the carriers and you know sure and s*it they would put snipers on the roof and throw tear gas from the 20th floor

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It's not just an update. It's a life saving feature my daughter needs before her S4 gets thrown through a wall....

I think I'd rather the tear gas. Those old feature phones were pretty bulky.

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I for one am just glad that there is an update out there however being that I'm rooted on stock ROM with a customs kernel I won't even get to enjoy that new ROM until its rooted ....but I'm happy to see my s4 may be getting old but not completely forgotten about

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Whatever you're smoking that you got from your new Obamacare plan....I want some. Seems to be some good shit....

I'm a sad Sprint Galaxy Nexus Owner.... What happened to the whole having a Nexus Phone would get updated/supported better???


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I'm a sad Sprint Galaxy Nexus Owner.... What happened to the whole having a Nexus Phone would get updated/supported better???


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Its called bait and switch, false advertisement. I understand they are not working with CDMA phones now but they should be held accountable for the ones they have already released. Especially if the gsm galaxy nexus's have it.

Best part of Android 4.3 for me was the Notification Listener Service.
To those that haven't used it or don't use additional Apps to track Notification, it might not matter but for me it's a huge deal & can't go back to anything without 4.3.

I really wonder how much of this will end up on the GS3.

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I wonder if the update will solve the lag. My wife has the s4 and I have the HTC One. It is shocking how much lag the s4 has while the HTC One is smooth as butter.

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I have 2, one is a s4 GPe. Neither lags or ever has. Just for the record. That's my truth. I just smile when you laggers chime in on all things S4.

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Nexus. Both. My n4 and n7 have been on 4.3 for awhile now but my s4 sux as far as updates go. I should just root it and get it already but just might go up on eBay just in time for the new nexus. I do like SD card and removable battery. Decisions..

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