Google just announced that they've updated the Android SDK to 2.0.1 and will update all Android 2.0 devices (just the DROID for now) to Android 2.0.1 by the end of the year. It's a minor update in both name and form and has been expected for quite some time now. The 2.0.1 update will supposedly fix bugs and other glorious things, which is always a good thing. Supposedly, the OTA update that will hit the DROID will also include DROID-specific issues such as improving the camera's autofocus (much needed) and voice reception (was it even an issue?). We'll definitely let you guys know when the update is rolling out.

Now, uh, when can we officially get Android 2.0 (or 2.0.1 or 2.1) on other Android devices?

[android developers blog]

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Android 2.0.1 SDK Now Available, DROID Getting OTA Update Soon


I'm curious as to why this popped up as new news again especially since Google announced 2 weeks ago that an update would be put out arond Dec. 11th?

It's new info to me, and I'm glad to hear it. Can't wait for my DROID! I don't even have it yet and I don't even go to crackberry anymore. Hopefully have it this weekend.

Any idea whether the Motorola MILESTONE will come out of the box with 2.0.1 in the UK, or will need an update?

Also, any idea about Google Maps Navigation outside of the US? Know that the Germans are rocking MotoNav, but it ain't quite the same...

I'm thought I read that Navigation WAS released for outside the US a few days ago? I could be wrong though.

Navigation was not released for outside use, nor is it 2.0. Just having Navigation isn't good enough - we want 2.0 and updates and want Google to start working with the carriers better so we all get updates as they come out, not months later.

the guy who wrote this must not have a droid. In fact he probably didn't even do his research before writing a stupid comment like "voice reception (was it even an issue?)" Well let me enlighten you! THERE IS AN ECHO WHEN PEOPLE TALK TO YOU! AND WHEN YOU HOLD IT TO YOUR SHOULDER NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU! You should retract that statement formally! We all deserve an apology!

Try recording yourself... I have the exact same problem. I'm shocked that no one has told you they cannot hear you well. There are numerous reports of echoing, which will be fixed. There are just as many reports of choppy, muffled, poor voice quality for the person you are speaking to. Just check out of the following thread with over 20 pages of comments to date: What we don't know is if the poor voice quality will be addresses in the update, or if Motorola has even acknowledged it as an issue.

I have to agree.... I have had every phone you can think of - iphone to start with, but Could Not STAND ATT - horrible network, and lost calls, no reception, no nothing!!!!

So I been using Blackberrys, Curve, Pearl, BOLD, Storm 1, Tour, Storm 2..... and finally and decent phone on Verizon - The DROID... Wow, I love it. Faster than my co workers iphones, and they are selling there iphones on Ebay - to switch to get the Droids. They cannot belive a phone that is so close to everything we are all looking for... Open source, FAST, WIFI, 3G, Good Service, Reception, and being able to do SOOOO much....

Cant wait to see what happens with these updates and more apps, more toys, more utilities, hopefully some enterprise support of somekind.... the ONLY downfall.... but got to give something I guess. Forward emails is rough... but to have such a great phone... I can deal with it.... Thank you DROID.... Keep up the GOOD WORK.

2.0.1 broke my Active Sync and I can't open e-mails anymore! It crashes the application and is forded to quit. Any ideas how to go back to 2.0?

2.0.1 also broke my active sync - connections to my exchange server - i have redded account 5 times and no luck. Verizon Google fixe this please immediately! I am completly down with email - going to have to go back to my blackberry :(

I made the changes to a different voice code (EVCR) and it didn't improve much. People on the other end of a call still cannot hear me that well. It sounds like I am on an old phone system calling from the other side of the world. I hope they come up with a fix for this because the phone is very cool and does amazing things. Anyone know if something has been done about the voice quality on the phone?

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