In light of Motorola's sale to Lenovo, the company's UK managing director Andrew Morley is set to leave after joining Motorola back in 2010. This departure follows CEO Dennis Woodside stepping down back in September, soon after Google sold its mobile company to Lenovo.

Morley noted in an interview with the Guardian that it's "very difficult to commit to another three years at the company now that it is in the hands of Lenovo." The Chinese electronics firm has purchased Motorola for $2.9 billion, just two years after the company was bought by Google for $12.5 billion. While Morley has decided to leave Motorola, the director believes the new owner will be a successful combination.

Motorola is now searching for fresh blood, appointing senior marketing director Marcus Frost as a temporary replacement.

Source: The Guardian


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UK managing director Andrew Morley departs Motorola after Lenovo takeover


What's wrong with the Chinese? Or lenovo in particular?

The xenophobia needs to stop.

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Even he knew Motorola is done after Google sold them. He had to jump ship before it sinks.

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leamotonova dont fit... so about turn quick run.....

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

The transaction has not even been approved, much less completed. Why is everybody talking and acting as if it is a done deal?

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What approval? It will obviously be completed, so all the talk is ok. Speculation, but nothing wrong with that.

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On what basis? The sale does not create a monopoly. There is no national security interest in selling a company that makes phones to a company that already makes phones. Google retains most of the patents. The US government has already approved technology sales Lenovo.

The alternative to the sale to Lenovo is far worse for Moto. I have worked for Eric in the past and this transaction is very typical for him. He tires of ideas that don't succeed. If he really likes the idea him might give it a second go, but if it does not fly fast he ditches the idea. Buying Moto is just another one of those ideas. Having Google own them did not do anything to help Moto's bottom line. He is tired of trying to make it work and is moving on. There are not many if any companies lining up to take on a project that is bleeding as much red as Moto is right now. Lenovo is interested because they see it as a chance to move their phone business outside of their main Asian market.

So you have insider information we don't have access to?

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I'm amazed they even had a UK managing director. The amount of effort they seem to put into marketing and selling phones over here doesn't seem to justify one.

I don't know why everyone is so bent about the Lenovo sale. Lenovo makes some of the very best laptops. Their current line of Windows tablets are among the best. And Motorola is still Motorola with a good deal of momentum. They'll be just fine.

Look at their tablets. They ugly as hell. And they use cheap grade materials for their ThinkPad.

Let's not even get to the fact that they don't even upgrade Android.

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Don't forget the fact Lenovo is one for the world largest phone and tablet manufacturers.

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I do look at their tablets. I own one. The Miix tablet is quite good, and way better than most Android tablets out there. As for laptops, I have three. My work provides a couple of Thinkpad models, the X220 and the T430, both very nice. Keyboards are the best among all laptops I've tried. Also, just got thee U430 Windows 8 laptop for my son for college, which comes with a higher resolution touch screen, all aluminum, backlit keyboard, and a i7 processor and hybrid drive for about $600, which no other entry ultrabook can touch. Lenovo has the ability to do VERY well when you add the talent of the Motorola team.

Do you even believe the crap that comes out of your mouth or do words just spill out.

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It's not easy working for a company that gets tossed around. You really have to sit back and wonder what's wrong with it and what your future is going to be like in the next few years.

I still believe that Motorola has potential even under the ownership of Lenovo. The designers and developers have not changed so why should their products change? Besides who doesn't like the Moto 360?