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For those who have the Kindle Fire HD and Kinde Fire HDX, a software update is awaiting you. New in OS version 3.1 is the integration of Goodreads, which now ties in directly to whatever you're reading. You also an now "fling" video content to your TV, provided you're using a PlayStation 3 or Samsung Television. (Support for the PS4 is to come.) Amazon also has improved enterprise and BYOD support. Printing support also was added.

You can wait and get the update over the air, or download and install directly from Amazon. We've got the full changelog after the break.

Source: Amazon; Also: Read our Kindle Fire HDX review

Kindle Fire OS 3.1 changelog

  • Find and share books with Goodreads: Goodreads on Kindle lets you connect with the Goodreads community to follow friends and see what they are reading, and share and rate books on your Kindle Fire.
  • Organize your content with Cloud Collections: Organize your content library into collections like "Favorite Books" and "Sports Apps" that are synchronized with compatible Kindle devices and reading apps.
  • Watch movies and TV shows on another device with Second Screen: Fling movies and TV shows from your Kindle Fire to your 2013 Samsung Smart TV or PlayStation 3 using Second Screen.
  • Learn more about books with Smart Lookup: With the Smart Lookup feature, you can quickly look up words in the dictionary or Wikipedia or translate text in a book.
  • Print from Your Kindle Fire: Print Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, photos, e-mails, calendar events, and contact information from your Kindle Fire to a printer that supports mobile printing.
  • Free up storage space with 1-Tap Archive: With 1-Tap Archive, your Kindle Fire groups all content that has not been used recently so you can move it to the Cloud with just one tap.
  • Enhanced enterprise features: Manage security certificates and connect to your company’s Wi-Fi network—whether you’re at home or at work—with remote VPN capabilities.
  • Set alarms and view additional time zones with the Clock app: Use the all-new Clock app to check the date and time, set an alarm clock, and more.
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Fabiola Baez says:

I like it:)

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TLB69 says:

First!!!,Yes!!!,you just don't know how long I've waited.First and formost,I wanna gave honor to God.I wanna thank my mom and dad.I wanna thank the rehabilitation center for helping me get off my medications.Now,kiss the ring suckaz.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

alacrify says:

Except you're not. Which makes it doubly sad.

FreudSlipped says:

We'll, to be fare, he was first. First embarrassment I've seem today so, congratulations, I guess.

deparson says:

The rehab center has a slot open for you if you need it :)

sushiguy732 says:

But alas... you were NOT first... Try again sucka!

Podolsky says:


posted from a s3 and waiting for nexus 5.

vor says:

Sadly this likely means they will not be supporting Chromecast in a similar manner they will never allow Prime video on a non-Kindle android device...

Marc11218 says:

It's on Apple devices

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LinebackerU says:

Great timing.
My HDX 8.9 is "out for delivery" right now per UPS.
Can't wait to use it!

TLB69 says:

Now my feelings are hurt.

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Not all Kindle Fire HD's only the 2nd gen currently. still shows the old version for the original Kindle Fire HD.

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charlibob says:

If you root, you can have Chrome and a lot more.

nightspark says:

I hope you're taking notes Google, that's how you release an update.