The Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi model has yet to even be announced officially, but that has not stopped Amazon from placing the device up on for pre-orders. The folks over at AndroidOS spotted this page while surfing around Amazon, and while it doesn't have an actual ship date yet, it does show a price tag of $379. Listed on the site as some of the key features of this device are:

  • Android™ 2.2-based tablet with over-the-air upgrade capability for future OS releases
  • Vibrant 7", multitouch display with full Adobe® Flash 10.1
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera for face-to-face chats on popular services such as Qik® or Skype™
  • 16GB of internal storage, plus Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth® and built-in GPS

So, if you are in the market for a new tablet, and looking for something smaller then the Motorola Xoom, but less costly then the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, this may be a great choice for you. [Amazon via AndroidOS]


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Amazon outs the unannounced Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi model; has it available for pre-orders


How can Amazon list Skype video chat as a feature if Skype announced partnership with Verizon Wireless (read - exclusive for VZW) back in Januzry and Skype still can't deliver it on HTC Thunderbolt with no plans announced?

Skype's partnership with VZW was to offer support for Skype calling over 3G networks (the regular Skype Android App only supports WiFi in the US) and has nothing to do whatsoever with Skype's general availabilty on the Android Platform.

My comment was specifically about Skype VIDEO. Not chat. Not voice calling. VIDEO!!! And I was referring to VZW and Skype announcement at CES 2011:, which I interpret as *Skype video on Android exclusive to Verizon*. Thunderbolt was announced to be the first Android phone with Skype video, but the plan never panned out ( and TBolt got released without Skype Video. And no updated plan was announced yet.

Sorry, but there is a lot LESS to the Streak than just being a smaller screen and price tag... Spec wise, it is WAY outclassed by the Xoom in every possible way. And just because it "can" be upgraded to Honeycomb, doesn't mean it WILL be upgraded to Honeycomb. Dell has a track record worse than Samsung in that regard.

Hard to be excited by this device.

I am actually excited by this... its a great price and WI-FI only... it will suit my needs just fine (especially after I root it :))

Anyone knows if this will have the bootloader looked? (if not will have a great dev community behind)

Also if i now wrong, this will have a Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU... So for the price i think is good choice.