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We're live at Amazon's Kindle event in Los Angeles, where the company's showing off a range of new products, including the Kindle Fire HD tablet. Amazon's Jeff Bezos has been walking through the main features of the new tablets, and one stand-out for the Kindle Fire HD is its MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out) Wifi connectivity. Using multiple antennae, Bezos says Amazon's new flagship tablet boasts Wifi that's 54% faster than the Nexus 7, and 41% faster than the new iPad. The Fire HD also includes support for less-crowded 5GHz Wifi bands, unlike the Nexus 7.

Positioning the Kindle Fire HD as a high-definition multimedia consumption device, Bezos says "if you're going to have HD content, this is important," and a Amazon displayed a chart showing their new tablet pulling 31Mbps over Wifi compared to the Nexus 7's 20 and the iPad's 22. Bezos claims the Kindle Fire HD is the world's first tablet with MIMO support. In addition to faster throughput, having more than one antenna should eliminate the "death grip" issues seen in some devices, where gripping near the antenna reduces signal strength.

Amazon's still in the middle of unveiling its new products, so join our liveblog for all the developments as they happen

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Amazon hails improved MIMO Wifi on Kindle Fire HD


And the wifi speed increase matters why? Unless you need to download a full hd movie to your internal storage quick before you go on vacation an extra 10Mbps doesn't matter for pretty much anything, even streaming HD movies.

Considering how many wifi issues I've had to deal with on the original Kindle Fire (sells them in store), I'd be happy for this change if it fixes them.

It is maximum speed there no guarantty that every connection (i mean connection in internet not internet it self) will have higher them 31mbps, but it can be and if you device can handle higher then 22Mbps you won't downlaod faster then that. It also apply your LAN which if you use cable connection it can be 100Mbps or if you got gigabit router 1Gbps.

I ran the same tests at home and for some reason I came back with the Nexus 7, Ipad, and Fire all getting 11mbps.

Oh yeah, I guess that's because mine and most people's internet is nowhere near 31mbps.

Even if you could go that fast, I'm not sure what a tablet device needs that kind of bandwidth to do. What, download songs in 4 seconds instead of 10?

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Faster WiFi means that online multi player co-op games don't slow down.
But 20 Mbps is more than enough.