T-Mobile Samsung Sale

It's no secret that the Samsung devices are huge sellers for T-Mobile. Unfortunately, sometimes T-Mobile's on-contract pricing is a bit higher than other carriers, as we've seen with the recent launch of the Galaxy Note 2. Luckily if you're planning on grabbing the Note 2, Galaxy SIII (S3) or any of the several Samsung phones available on T-Mobile it looks like many will be free -- or very cheap -- on contract (with a Classic Plan) on November 16th and 17th.

T-Mobile's pricing structure is set up to try and incentivize you to buy phones on their Value Plans or Monthly 4G Prepaid plans, but if for some reason you're looking to stick with a Classic Plan, this next weekend will give you a good opportunity to save a few hundred dollars up-front.

Source: TmoNews


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All Samsung phones going on sale at T-Mobile for two days


I agree (it says "select Samsungs") but it does show the Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note II in the photos. If those phones pictured are not included, this is a very misleading poster board. I could imagine if that is what they will be posting in their stores that it would cause arguments if the phones pictured are not the ones that are free. More important is... what does the fine print at the bottom of that board say? (I mean, their definition of "free" here could be as free as some of the mobile company data plans are "unlimited").

I hate the "after mail-in rebate" part. So, after I buy the phone, 4-6 weeks later it will be free. Still may be a great deal depending on which "select" Samsung phones and which "qualifying" classic plans. Lots of what if in this deal...

Why do these articles NEVER say whether this is new lines only or if it includes upgrades?

I mean, that seems like common sense to me. And it is not just this site...Droid life does the same thing, and it is quite annoying. These basic details need to be in the story, not in the comments section.

If I can get a free Galaxy S3 (even a Note 2 if applicable) with and ETF of $200, I would do that and take it to straight talk. Cheapest S3 I could find anywhere.

I have to agree with xKrNMBoYxt, the Note II may not be included in this sale. When looking at the photo, I at first thought the 2nd phone was the Note II. I was not thinking about them posting two photos of the same phone, also since the "tags" and "related device" links listed below the article both mention the Galaxy Note II I thought the Note II was part of the sale. Question now is this: If the GN2 is not "free" could it possibly be at least on sale for less than the regular $369.99 TMobile Classic Plan pricing on Nov 16th & 17th? (Phone is actually currently priced at $419.99 - $50 rebate on TMO, which seems insane).

They say free but yet you still got to pay $300+ plus upfront for the phone. Then you wait 4-6 weeks for the money back in a card . That's ridiculous . Why can't it be free free like you don't pay nothing.

Some say that the two Samsung phones are the same. But I say they are different if you look at the top of both phonrss they are different. So if the Samsung Galaxy 2 is not included it would be false advertising and leading the customer to believe it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

So when December the 16th ad the 17th come around I want to see the Samsung Gaacy Znote 2 for (free) lol