Adobe MAX Logitech Revue

Say what you will about Adobe, it knows how to throw a conference. (That's Adobe's Ben Forta during this morning's keynote, if that's any indication.) And, more important, it knows how to woo developers -- especially for Android platforms. On Day 1 of the Adobe MAX conference in Las Angeles, attendees all received a new Motorola Droid 2. Today, it was announced they'll all get a Logitech Revue -- the Android-based Google TV device.

Giving away Android devices is nothing new -- at Google IO, everybody received a Motorola Droid and an HTC Evo 4G. But it's pretty obvious just how important Android is to Adobe. [Adobe]


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Adobe gives free Motorola Droid 2, Logitech Revue to Adobe MAX attendees


lol, no wonder they keep bragging about activating so many a day & BOGO. THEY GIVE ALOT OF THEM FOR FREE.this is not the 1st time they did this. it aint nothing wrong doing this, i mean oprah does it all the time. But its funny when Google brag about this stuff about activations, but they never talk about sales numbers. am i missing something here?

The amount of people that go to these conferences pales in comparison to the number of general consumers that buy Android-based devices.


It's the same sad little Apple fanboy who cries in every new sales story about Android destroying Apple in sales babbling about 'teh BOGO is WHY!!!'


Gotta love just how angry Google dumping Apple and its POS iPhone into 3rd place in sales makes the Hipster Douchebags out there.

Love it.

Can't we all just get along? I mean, we ARE talking about phones here, not politics. Most modern Android phones are AWESOME and the iPhone is AWESOME too. Let's all just get past our preferred tech and stop being so hostile about it.

And to the author of the article, it's "Los Angeles" not "Las Angeles."

also consider the fact that google doesnt make money off the phone itself, it makes money on advertising within android. so if they give away the phone, but the developers click on the ads within apps or the browser, they still win. I say more power to them

Pay the $1500 registration fee. A couple of coworkers of mine went, but aren't getting all these freebies because they paid the government rate.

Just thought i'd add that RIM had an invite only party at AdobeMAX where they gave all invited vouchers for a free blackberry torch and blackberry playbook too. This conference has been crazy w/ give aways. (i wasn't invited so i got all this info 2nd hand from a bitter adobe employee who was exempted from getting anything free)