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'Adamantium, unobtanium, and the pelt of a liger'



Edit: Awesome! I like that it didn't place this as a comment reply and therefore it makes no sense.

3 blades springing out would be a bad idea, 'cause it would hurt every time you pick up your phone. Kind of like owning an iPhone, I suppose.

Right but if you had three blades coming out, you would probably have a mutant healing factor.

Which would mean you are probably 200-300 years old, and not particularly adroit at adapting to new technology - and iPhone might actually suit you, given the lack of customizability would mean you could screw less shit up.

Furthermore, if you had 3 adamantium blades popping out of your phone, and a mutant healing factor, and were 200-300 years old, it is entirely possible that you could have picked up the ability to send and receive information via extra sensory perception, and wouldn't require the use of a physical communication device (this is especially more probable if you happen to have an adamantium plated skeleton).

Unless of course, you lost your memory somehow. Or you had your adamantium sucked out of you by some other mutant - probably one with the ability to manipulate metal - (who in turn was probably psychologically damaged through the devastation of Nazi Germany), which then rendered you ('you' being the original, 200-300 year old, healing factor mutant) in a barely human, animal type state.

If this were the case, then you would might be more suited to an android device; given its much better customizability, and malleablity to suit any individual in question.

And you might want to use said Android device, and the photosphere function, while jumping 10's of feet in the air mid battle with some other equally impressive mutant personality - and distribute the photosphere via Google +, for other mutant folks in your circles; to show how completely fucking awesome you really are.

ea contrea on the 'too far' (right on about being a tool), I am but getting started...

If you were indeed ripped of your memory, or in an animal state due to an attack by the dreaded, psychologically damaged, metal controlling mutant - I would highly recommend either you, or someone else customizing your Android device with the newly ADW Launcher Ex app, which would allow you to increase the size of the icons to the largest available size, and reduce the amount of rows and columns to 3 a piece.

This would ensure maximum success rate in hitting the correct icon.

You could furthermore use the apps gesture action to perform numerous functions, which ever would suit your daily, ass kicking, photosphere pic sharing needs.

Another suggestion I might add given your mutant healing factor, I would presume you require a significant amount of protein in your diet - in which case I would recommend becoming familiar with google Voice Actions, so your muffled, weird Canadian accent (unless you were played by an Australian actor, in which case you are infinitely more awesome, and simultaneously more difficult for voice actions to understand) could be understood to direct to restaurants such as the Texas Road house, or pretty much any truck stop.

Another app that you might enjoy would be one of those metal detectors, although your body might send it haywire.

And apparently, according to the incredibly stupid team I have here at this incredibly boring cell phone store, you would be hard plussed to beat an 'Anger Management' app - which I find completely unnecessary - I think your anger is completely justifiable.

But then again, apparently I have an anger problem, according to the possibly mentally stunted team here in Wisconsin.

@Tyson.Clarke .... how boring is this guys life huh? Am I right people? Woooooooooweeeeeeeeeeee I'm bored to death just thinking about how much free time you have on your hands woka woka woka

you guys read it...(or skimmed it with rolled eyes) bored are YOU?!

You gotta raises an interesting question...what apps would super heroes need?

I have to customize smartphones to folks every day...

No need to read it man, the sheer volume of your posts was enough for me to conclude you have no life. Peace out, I'm off to get some....

Nah I'm one of those weird people who actually has a job, doesn't know what a turtleneck sweater is, and has more then enough confidence when it comes to getting some poon on a daily basis ... your clever response indicates you don't have a clue what I just said. Im of course referring to the mention of poon just now. Off you go little guy, go play with yourself to internet porn and backing up your butt buddies on forums online, while I go have fun tonight in about 20 mins

I personally think the glass back gives the device a unique look. If it does pose a concern, why not just slap on a snazzy Cruzelite Androidified case and call it a day?!

Exactly. I never get all that caught up in phone aesthetics, because every phone I've had since my BB Bold days has just looked like an Otterbox Commuter case.

I like the back of the Nexus 7, makes it grippy and comfortable to hold. Based on what you've shown in your podcast videos, it's not so bad, so I can probably live with it as is. In Phil We Trust.

Aluminum with a small area of plastic for the antennas. Basically, anything but glass. Apple did the whole glass back thing and have moved away from it for a reason.

gotta be Corbomite-Apple fires a patent lawsuit, it automatically fires a more powerful patent lawsuit at Apple that completely destroys them.

A second indestructible screen that has a 325ppi and is Super LCD 2 that consumes no additional energy. Ha... I win :p

Don't get this glass back, the phones that were being used by the Google staff had broke glass in the back, we know the I-Phone had all kinds of problems with glass backs, didn't Google learn anything from this, what are they thinking. No freaken storage, glass back, no LTE, I just don't understand how the leader in smart phones can put together such a great package of specs and leave out some of the most important details. I really think they need a loyal Android customer to show them what is needed to have a great device. It is very obvious over their last few attempts just sucked. Saying this I will probably still by one just because of the new software. I just get very pissed off waiting a entire year for what I thought would be something just above spectacular.

I wouldn't want my phone to have a back. It'd be 1D. You'd look at it from the front and then if you tried to look at it from the sides or the back, you wouldn't be able to see it! They would be non-existent!