Acer Liquid E android smartphone

Rogers Wireless now has another great option for Canadian Android lovers, or for those who just need a nice current smartphone.  The Liquid E is a powerhouse stuffed into a smaller package, perfect for folks on the go and people who just don't need 4.3" of screen.  Full specs are listed on the Rogers website but here's the short list -- 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch display, 512 MB, Android 2.1.  Oh, yeah.

Pricing looks nice as well, at $49.99 on a three year contract, $324.99 for 2 years, $374.99 for one year and just $424.99 to buy the phone outright.  Looks like a hot little phone that I'd love to see come a little further south.  Anyone planning on picking this one up?  Shout out in the comments and on the forums! [mobilesyrup]


Reader comments

Acer Liquid E now available on Rogers -- one sexy beast, eh?


So Rogers uses the same bands as AT&T, right?

Even buying it outright might make for a great alternative to a N1 if you wanted a phone without a carrier lock in. (Please say its not carrier locked....?)

tempted to get it to replace my magic...but when i saw they underclocked it down to 728mhz, that turned me away... ill just wait till latetr this month or july to get 2.1 on my magic. and hopefully something worth it comes to rogers. this phone just isnt worth upgrading to

I will wait for something better. we need a phone on par with the Incredible at least. I know there is the Nexus One but I'm talking about being available with on contract pricing. I guess until AT&T gets a good non crippled Android phone we are out of luck though.