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ASUS has seen considerable success with its 10-inch EeePad Transformer line, and now the Taiwanese manufacturer could be set to move into the 7-inch tablet space, if a newly-leaked promotional image is any indication. The shot, obtained by Italian site Notebook Italia, shows what seems to be a smaller Android-powered ASUS tablet with a slightly different design to earlier EeePad models. Most notably, the presence of docking connectors at the bottom suggests the possibility of a portrait-orientation keyboard dock, if such an add-on is offered. No firm information is available about specs for the mysterious device, however the possibility of  the Transformer Prime's beastly Tegra 3 chip powering this thing already has us salivating.

The source also suggests that ASUS' rumored 7-incher will make its debut at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, which should come as little surprise considering it's barely a week away at this point.

Source: Notebook Italia (Italian)


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'7-inch ASUS EeePad' image appears, rumored for CES unveiling


I haven't had any actual issues with my Prime. The biggest issue seems to be the slow release, and now the news that the bootloader is locked, but the former is basically the same thing that happened with the TF1 and the latter is perfectly correctable if enough people make a fuss. Otherwise, the gripes are pretty much all the same you'd get with any other Honeycomb tablet--the browswer crashes, general HC bugginess, this is all OS/firmware issues though. I haven't had any issues with the wifi and the hardware is clearly top notch. Once we get ICS on it and they (hopefully) unlock the bootloader, I'm pretty sure the complaints will disappear the same way they did with the original TF when it was released.