Contest Winners

Congrats guys, and enjoy your new Nexus 7 tablets!

We got a bit excited last week when the new Nexus 7 was announced, and ordered a couple of them to give away to our awesome readers. It's a great update to the original, and most everyone seems to think they are the best small-form tablet ever made (so far). We've been using the heck out of ours, and we're glad to help a couple of you guys have one to use the heck out of as well!

Your winners:

Send these two fellows some warm thoughts guys and gals, and we'll get their tablets out to them shortly. Look for more giveaways and contests from us soon, there's nothing we enjoy more than spreading the Android love around.


Reader comments

The 2013 Nexus 7 giveaway winners are ...


If I move to Canada Will it increase my odds of winning?! Haha I kid I kid. Congrats you two!

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If you'll just send them to me I'll see they get to the rightful owners ASAP! I just want to make sure they're working ok! (lol) Congradulations to the lucky folks and thanks to AC for the great info and contest...

Seriously, give it a rest all you "I never win anything!" whiners. There are thousands of entries for every competition and therefore a very small chance of winning. Deal with it.

And congrats to the winners!

Congrats to both. I was hoping to return my new Nexus 7 to Best Buy after winning one from AC...oh well!!!

Congrats to the winners. . Oh wait, I am one of them. Yea!!! Hey fellas, I've never won anything before either. Thankful for a kick-butt forum. .. Thanks again. .. So pumped!

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Congrats you two. Have fun with the new toys. And as far as AC giveaways go.. I don't think I will ever win anything, but I will still keep some hope that some day I will win something cool :)

Now you're talkin'! Dang, thanks for running these giveaways versus squirreling them away in staff closets. I've been working with a Lenovo A2109. Old and slow but a workhorse. Would LOVE to trade my ride for a race horse.

If you can kindly post their addresses so that the rest of us can congratulate them in person.

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