Stop. Bullet time.

Qualcomm wanted to demo how powerful the Snapdragon 600 chip can be, and decided to create a cool bullet time photo booth using 130 HTC Ones on window mounts attached to a spiraling rail.

Actors (and dogs) were placed in the midst of the ring, and caught in a full 540-degrees of excellent special effect footage that freezes space and time much like Neo can do. OK, so they just took stills from live video at the right time and stitched them together in an animation, but the former sounds way cooler.

This isn't really new, as you can find similar footage all over YouTube, but it is pretty slick to watch. They also have a poll to see where to send the roving studio next, which you can find at the source link. Be sure to vote for your closest spot, and if you get a chance to check it out make sure to use your Android to get some cool footage of it all.

Source: Qualcomm


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130 HTC Ones on a rail make bullet time shots easy


Less a display of power, more a publicity event to bring awareness to the general public about Qualcomm and the Snapdragon brands. The average person has ZERO clue about the guts of their phones (Most don't care, and for most it makes little difference), but Qualcomm still wants to get their name out there to the non mobile industry nerds and raise awareness that "Hey, we're the ones who make the processors that run about a gazillion devices you already use and had no clue about."

Yup most people buy $200 phones that they have to have for a 2 year contract and look at ZERO specs about the phone. Sounds like the Apple excuse.

You should go and ask average people what are the specs of their phone. You'd be surprised. At most they'll tell you the number of megapixels, the amount of storage available on their phone and the OS (and only the OS, no version).

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So this is how all the excess HTC phones get used. Also, I'm sure they won't ever do this at night with the horrible purple haze that seems to be happening on night shots with a warn phone.

I've read complaints about the "purple haze" camera issue, and I honestly don't have that problem with my One, fortunately. In fact, my photos taken at night and in dark settings look great, sharp.

Anyway, I think this a cool video.

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Same here, no issue with the purple haze thing. From what I read, it's a hardware issue and you should return or replace it. Good thing I have premium replacement and on the jump program from tmobile in case I had it, which I don't. does this show the power of the S600? I think even iPhones could do this.

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I'm sorry...I missed the point of how this helps HTC sell phones. I get the techical feat and cool factor, but for the masses that do not read Engadget, AC, etc...this is not making HTC a household name.

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people buy samsung because they don't know any better. they see all the samsung ads and deceptive benchmarks and fall for it. pity because htc is on another level and they could benefit from less customer ignorance.

The average consumer doesn't really care about specs thought, they want features. And Samsung has them.

I fell on the gravy train and got an S3. Won't make the same mistake twice. I want to go full nexus.

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This...the average consumer doesnt care about specs. This is a Feature business. What cool things can my phone do?! Samsung has the Air features. Motorola now has the Voice on lock down. And their commercials are hyping those features extreamly well. HTC makes the one of the best phones on the market but whats the appeal to the average consumer?

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I was at Venice Beach with some friends and saw that while they were filming it. It was pretty neat! I tried asking but they wouldn't give me a One. Darn!

People keep talking about the lack if showcase of power, but shutter lag would severely play a role here. I think this shows that Qualcomm's chips have little to no shutter lag in phones.

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That is the coolest video I have seen all day. Technology is so much fun. Man, what have our phones become?

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Nice! I've seen quite a few of these on YouTube. One of YouTube's biggest & brightest up and coming stars, when it comes to photography and filmmaking, is Devinsupertramp. He did something similar with a bunch of GoPro cameras. Very cool!

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