Android Crown

Android is quickly coming of age, and our little green friend is grabbing the attention of blogs and publications all over the web.

Last week, Fortune Magazine went into detail as they laid out ten areas where Android beats iOS (and Windows Mobile).  We've all got our own reasons for being completely addicted to Android, but here is what makes Android shine for Fortune Magazine.

  1. Maps and navigation
  2. Notify bar
  3. Widgets
  4. Carrier choice
  5. Hotspot
  6. Screen size selection
  7. Voice actions
  8. Fastest browser
  9. More/Better buttons
  10. Google Voice

For further reading on the reasons behind their selection, visit the article on Fortune's website.  [Fortune Magazine]


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10 ways Android beats iOS -- Fortune Magazine lays it out for you


I think Android dominates Ios in everything except for apps and updates. It's cool how Ios gets updated at once. However our amazing dev community is there to fix that.

All of the above, plus Locale/Tasker. Have yet to find an iPhone app that does all of the things that these two apps do.

There are arguments to all the points in the story that are (semi)valid, as well as some that just make the posters seem like cult fanatics. My thing is, Apple and Windows can't compete with an OS that has unprecedented response to customer input.

Logic fail. There is no such thing as "semi valid" or "most valid".

Incidentally, your "thing", as written, is not an argument. If it was, however, it would be an example of a weak argument.

Set it and forget it update for apps.

I noticed that I still have to actually visit the iTunes app store to get it to update an app on my ipod Touch. No such need to do that on my Android. Once I've set the app to auto update, it just does it in the background. My apps are automatically kept up to date, except for the rare few that require manual intervention.

Agree but FREEDOM is the most important side for me from Android OS , customization!! And the liberty of own your phone or Os, p. Beat any OS include Palm.

Hi Jesse

I am going around the internet asking this question:

Iranians use of Persian language has made theme the largest community of Bloggers, Twitterers, after users of English. So why is it that Android does not do Persian after three years?

Their article merely compares the two platforms. It has nothing to do with either platform's popularity. Verizon's lack of iPhone allowed the general consumer to realize that they really have no reason to want the iPhone, other than it's just the iPhone. Android does everything the iPhone can do, but on the other hand, iOS falls way behind Android in many aspects (primarily the ten mentioned in this article). The only thing iOS has going for it is its App Store. But even that isn't much of a good argument anymore, simply because all the "must have" apps are already ported over to Android, with more and more coming every month.
And why is that? Of the people I've had in the store looking at getting an iPhone they're either blackberry users, or they're people who don't currently have a smartphone and balk at the idea of paying for a data plan. They also think that they'll be able to use their NE2 credits (doubtful) and get the phone for BOGO (steve would never let this fly) On top of that, Verizon's invested millions into making Droid a well known brand. They're not going to just drop it. Will the iphone sell a lot of devices if it comes to Verizon? Yes. But it won't have the impact most detractors think it will. In fact, it's BECAUSE it's in such high demand that Verizon can make the price higher and possibly even require special data plans for it.

Well Android's market isn't without its share of crapware. I went to try and find a slick landscape clock I can use when I sleep. Go ahead and look up clock widget and see how much crap you pull up.

11. App store choice! :P

Actually, that's probably not going to be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Don't forget that both Google and Apple take a healthy chunk from their respective app markets. On Android, you can literally just install an APK off of a web page browsed on your phone if you so chose, just like on a computer. Having more than one place to actually pay for things supports the very idea of a Free Market.

If Valve or Blizzard wanted to make Steam or for Android because they decided to make cell phone games and be their own middlemen (as opposed to paying the OS holder nearly a third of their mobile revenue), more power to them.

I agree. You don't see the problems mentioned by the detractors of an open market arising in the PC market, do you? Even with just games, many companies have their own sites, and some systems, such as Steam and Direct2Drive, have multiple and even duplicate games. This isn't a problem on Windows, why should it be on Android?

This site didn't have the guts to post my comment outlining reasons iPhone is better. Let me just state that both phones have their pros and cons, and this is an awesome time to be in the market for a smartphone.

O_o Android central doesn't carter to flamebait. And anything defending the iPhone is going to be seen as just that. You can thank the hard core iTards for that. They make everyone who has an iPhone look like zealots now. Which is a pity since I know there are moderates out there. Sadly they don't do enough to tell their zealot brethren to shut up.

I honestly think that cuts both ways. I post in the AppleInsider forum, as well, and things are almost as lopsided there. Only difference is, I wouldn't have been moderated like I was here.

Here's the reality: Android is great. iPhone is great. Windows 7 phone looks like possibly a good offering. Choice is good.'s a great time to be in the market to buy a smartphone. There's even beginning to be a war between the carriers on pricing and such, with Verizon's new unlimited plan offering. I'll be finally getting one, after the Verizon 4G network is live, and the iPhone hits Verizon's shelves, which will happen, and I can take my pick between them.

*shakes head* Go look at the comments. The iTards are out in force rallying their forces. God forbid anyone says anything nagative about the God Phone. Less the be struck down by the finger of Go...I mean Jobs.

As much as I love android, 'more buttons' is the saddest excuse for a rationality as to why it's superior to iOS. More navigable OS? Sure, i'll accept that, but 'more buttons' is a joke. Why they didn't use something like flash in place of that is beyond my imagination.