The Google Pixel has been a bit buggy after this month's February update, and Google has identified a fix for one of the more noticeable ones: your Bluetooth randomly shutting itself off. Listed in the Pixel's Product forum, community leaders say that a fix has been identified and that it will be pushed out in a coming release, hopefully alongside the March security update.

Can you hear my headphones?

The issue that many Pixel users have experienced is an infrequent but nevertheless annoying disabling of Bluetooth without the user having gone anywhere near the settings. If you're playing music through a Bluetooth speaker at the time, it's easy to detect, but for most of us, you don't find out until your phone keeps dinging for notifications and your wrists doesn't, or when you get in the car and your tunes never start up.

Numerous users have been chiming up with this issue in the Pixel User Community, helping the Pixel team find the issue and identify a fix. There doesn't seem to be much of a workaround while we wait for said fix to roll out, but it's good to know that it's not just us, and it will be fixed. Hopefully soon.