You may soon be able to unlock your Nest-compatible smart lock from the Google Home app

Google Home Smart Lock Hold To Unlock
Google Home Smart Lock Hold To Unlock (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • A Google promo video has revealed an upcoming feature coming to the Home app.
  • Users will soon be able to unlock their smart locks right from the Google Home app.
  • The functionality will likely begin rolling out to users sometime within the next few weeks.

Google has been posting new videos daily featuring actor and comedian Fred Armisen as part of the "Daily Special" campaign that it kicked off last month. As spotted by Android Police, yesterday's video revealed a new functionality that could soon be available on Google's Home app.

As can be seen in the promo video below, Fred is able to unlock his Nest x Yale smart lock simply by tapping and holding on the lock icon in the Google Home app. Similar to the Nest app, the lock icon in the middle will also show users the current status of their smart lock.

The Home app has gained quite a few features from the Nest app over the last few months. In April, Google added Nest Cam events and lighting controls to the app. Earlier this month, Nest Protect smart smoke and CO alarms began showing up for some users in the Home app.

Until May this year, users could lock and unlock their smart locks with the Google Assistant only using their voice. Google's Nest Hub and a few other smart displays received improved smart home controls in mid-May, allowing users to unlock their smart locks by entering a security code on the screen.

Since Google has now "confirmed" that the feature will arrive soon, it will likely begin rolling out to users sometime in the coming weeks.

Nest x Yale Smart Lock

Nest x Yale Lock

The Nest x Yale smart door lock offers keyless entry, which means you can lock or unlock your door from virtually anywhere. It works with Google Assistant and can send alerts whenever someone locks or unlocks your door.

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  • I know it seems trivial, but finally. What took them so long?