You can now buy the OnePlus Nord in a slick looking collector's box

OnePlus Nord
OnePlus Nord (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • You can now buy a limited edition of the Nord in an artsy box designed by Joshua Vides.
  • It's called the OnePlus Nord X Reality to Idea Collector Box.
  • It'll set you back £469, the same price as the regular non-exclusive Nord Model.

OnePlus phones often come with various collector's editions, and the Nord is no exception. Aside from the OnePlus Nord Literally Only One Edition, there's a OnePlus Nord X Reality to Idea Collector Box — a limited edition of the OnePlus Nord in a stylish box.

Inside the package you'll get the Norditself, then a creative case, a sleeve, and a tote back, all decked out in a monochrome design by artist Joshua Vides. It's all very minimal and intended to reflect OnePlus's stated ethos of "stripping things down to the essentials." You're not getting anything that's not in the regular OnePlus Nord functionality and features-wise, but that is most likely not why you'd be interested in this.

Oneplus Nord X Reality

Source: OnePlus (Image credit: Source: OnePlus)

With this purchase, you'll be buying the OnePlus Nord in a 12GB of RAM/256GB model. For £469, it really isn't that bad of an offer. The Pixel 5 will st you back £599 for an 8GB of RAM/25GB configuration, and let's face it, Android has matured to the point where you can afford to wait an extra couple of months for an update. Despite it being a limited edition, it's also the same price as the regular Nord in that configuration, though that appears to be pretty hard to find in UK stores not named John Lewis.

Even at this stage in its life, the OnePlus Nord is a competent Android experience. It now runs Oxygen OS 11 with Android 11, and the 12GB of RAM you'll find on this model would be more than enough to handle anything you want to throw at it.

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord

The OnPlus Nord made waves last year as a very good Android experience for less. Even a year later, it remains competitive with phones like the Pixel 5.

Michael Allison