Would you be interested in a smaller Galaxy Note?

When you buy a smartphone under the Galaxy Note brand, you have a good idea of what you're getting yourself into. Over the past few years, the Note series has become iconic for offering the very latest specs, Samsung's S Pen, and large displays. All of these things are great, but one of our forum users had an idea for something different.

Would anyone be interested in a Galaxy Note phone that's not so big? Having the S Pen and all of the newest features in a more pocketable package does sound somewhat intriguing, but most of the Android Central community doesn't seem to be on-board with this at all.

Here's what they had to say.



Note series means it’s BIG. Period. :)


definitely not in that case just get the S series instead. I got the Note for the size of the screen more than the pen


No lol. Once you go big it's kind of hard to go back to smaller size lmao. For me anyway.


I've never really been a fan of Samsung devices (they are great of course, just not the manufacturer for me); but maybe I'd consider or at least look at a smaller Note. Phones are getting too big these days!


Now, we'd like to pass the question on to you – Would you consider buying a smaller Galaxy Note?

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Joe Maring

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  • No one uses the term "phablet" anymore because all new phones have become them! I long for the days of a smaller yet full featured phone that is easier to hold and carry.
  • Yea same i have loved big phones like my note8 but im looking hard at the new sony compact.
  • No. F'n. Way.
  • I'm sure I'm in a small minority, but I would be more interested in a smaller Galaxy Note. I do not like big phones; I like to be able to typically use a phone one-handed, and as they keep making phones bigger and bigger, it just becomes impossible to use them single-handedly. It's the main reason I have not given the Galaxy Note series much more than a glance. I like the functionality it offers, just not the size.
  • Same here!
  • Nope
  • As a Note 4 owner,Yes. My wife is still using her S6 and I've often thought it would be more than capable as a Note. But only if all the features of a Note could be condensed into a smaller Note? Would the S pen need to be smaller in a smaller phone? And, how would Samsung begin to justify the cost price differential required to make either/both handsets attractive to the customer?
  • Just no. Note's are big for a reason.
  • More screen the better! I hope the N9 has even more screen real estate. I want to be talking into a tablet size Note.. 🤣
  • Make it even larger
  • Kudos
  • Well Samsung could try making a smaller phone with a stylus but they might want to stay away from the Note branding. It would probably only appeal to a small group of consumers though.
  • No. Knock it off.
  • Make a larger note instead.
  • Oh you mean the Galaxy S8/S9? Umm, yeah how about a firm NO.
  • No, I like the size of the note. Viewing video's is simply the best pleasure!
  • A neo version would be welcomed.
  • No, with fullview screens the phones are more compact
  • Not really. It would be cool in theory but the battery life would suck because they are going to have the cram the s-pen and all the extra features into a smaller body. Also it would defeat the purpose of having a stylus if the phone was smaller to begin with.
  • No, I don't care for the S-pen so the Note is mainly attractive for me because it usually has more updated hardware, specs.
  • If you want a smaller Note, go with the series. The staple of the Note is it's screen size and S-pen. Anything else is blasphemy
  • No. But in a larger one, especially with a squarer aspect ratio, I loved my old 16:10 phone, it could do usable Office in a pinch.
  • I think a smaller Note could be nice if done right. It would most likely have to be wider than the current Note so that the battery life would not be affected. I personally would like one that is not so tall and thin. I like the wider look. That's just my preference.
  • If you want a smaller note type device just purchase the new Wacom Bamboo Tip that works with most modern smartphones and certainly any Samsung flagship like the S8/S9 and plus models.
  • Definitely not .
  • What I'd like to see is a Galaxy S9 style device with a 16:9 screen and flat edges. The width of the S9 is fine, so whatever screen size that would work out to at 16:9. Just flatten the damn edges too!
  • The most common aspect ratios used today in the presentation of films in cinemas are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1. It should be one of those.
  • So prioritize a single function of the device over all others when choosing an aspect ratio? Are that many people really watching movies on their phones?
  • I have the Note8 and a Note 4, before this. The size is a BIG part of the true Note experience.
    I love the S-Pen and think using it on a smaller device would be unpleasant. My Note8 slips in and out of my pockets just fine, even with a Spigen cover.
  • Nope. That's all folks.
  • I would. If I was interested in buying a Samsung device. The S-Pen sounds cool, but I'd up for the Galaxy S because it's more manageable. I'm currently using the V30, which is great, but I'd be happier with a smaller phone. The G3 was perfect at 5.5". That screen size is plenty big enough. A phone with a 5.5" screen and 2018's bezels would be the perfect sized phone. Screen not too small, body not too big.
  • Absolutely. Make two sizes like the S series, but don't hamstring the smaller one. I used a Note 5 for a bit and loved the stylus, but even that phone was too big for me. No way I'll ever buy a normal Note phone or anything close to that large.
  • Absolutely not!!! That's why "the note" is "the note" it's big!! No exception
  • No
  • Would you be interested in a smaller Galaxy Note? FUDGE NO! In fact, I would love to see the Note get broader!
  • They could call it the Post-it Note...
  • I have an idea! Make a Note 4 sized phone with less bezel. These tall, ridiculously thin, and not as wide phones are becoming stupid. The Note 4 was perfect in size. Just update it to today's standards and we are set. Oh, and obligatory mention: removable battery and ir blaster.
  • I would have liked an S8 Mini. The S8 specs with a 5 inch screen. Also I just saw a video of the Motorola "V3s". If that is a real thing, I want one.
  • NO!
  • Resounding no. Apple attempted to do as much... Steve Jobs argued his phone was ideal... And all Apple's slow play to larger screen sizes did was cede market share to Android through Samsung! Mr. jobs, as brilliant as he was, quickly forgot that his original iPhone was, at the time, the largest display on the market. Granted, I'm 6'2" and although I don't possess NBA sized hands... My fingers are long and I'm cool if a Note grows a bit more in the future... Although I have no interest in an upgrade any time soon from my Note 8. Even if I had smaller hands... There is no denying the utility of a large screened phone if you use it as a your primary online device. Reading books or newspapers via Google Play, gaming, editing a spreadsheet, etc... More importantly, I'd be cool with another 4mm thicker phone to pack a battery in that would give a12hr use at maxed out display settings under heavy use. It is a cell phone... Not meant to be tied to a power cord... And manufacturers have forgotten that... Why on earth make such powerful, multi use devices if you can't get more than 4-5 hours use on uncompromising display settings? As a mid 40s user.... My eyes appreciate the large screen... Kids... Trust me... You will find out one day... On an unrealated topic... I have set my display settings to "Basic screen mode" and the low HD+... And I've never done so in the past... I really like it. The top, max settings are eye candy, but the low settings are softer, less eye strain, for my admittedly heavy winter mobile use.
  • I'll definitely buy a smaller note! I use it for the s pen but the phablet sizes are too big for me.
  • The Note 8 in the form of the s8+ would've been the perfect phone to me
  • Please do not notch
  • Who are all these people with tiny hands?
  • I would love to see smaller Note. Think that would be really cool. A nice 5.7 or 5.5. All though its pretty amazin what Samsung did with the S9 screen to body ratio. Just get rid of the screen roll off the edge crap.
  • This would just be an S9 with a pen right?
  • No... I'd rather have a bigger one (Width not height).