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Best answer: Yes, Samsung is using the same setup that's been implemented on the previous Galaxy Watch as well as the Watch Active 2.

Can you use your old Galaxy Watch or Active 2 charger for your new Galaxy Watch 3?

Wireless charging is a great feature to have in your gadgets. The simplicity of being able just to set down your Android phone or smartwatch to charge it without futzing with wires is so nice. Thankfully, Samsung has been including wireless charging in both for years.

The newest smartwatch from Samsung, Galaxy Watch 3, will be using the same wireless charging as the previous generation, including the Watch Active 2. While yes, the Galaxy Watches have been using the convenient charging feature for some time, the power-up option doesn't work on just any wireless charger. Samsung Galaxy Watches do need a specific type of wireless charger for it to actually charge. Your options are either using the PowerShare reverse wireless charging option from one of Samsung's phones or with the one that comes in the box with your watch to power your smartwatch.

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This means that if you still have the charger from your prior Galaxy Watch, you'll be able to keep using it and have two. With so many features packed into these little wrist computers, the battery can get used up pretty quickly. Yes, the Galaxy Watches have traditionally had a pretty solid battery life, but it never hurts to have an extra lying around. The fact that Samsung's earlier watches and its newest use the same wireless charger means that purchasing a second is easier if you don't already have one and would like to have a back-up.

Regardless of how you plan to spread around your charging options, knowing that you have options is helpful to ensure your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can be topped up when you need it.

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Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

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The diminutive size of this wireless charger makes it easy to pack when you need to, and yet the powerful magnets inside of it ensure your watch lines up just right. So when it's time to top-up your watch will be ready when you are.

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The Galaxy Watch 3 is the most advanced watch from Samsung yet, packed with sensors for tracking your heart, blood oxygen, and so much more all while looking great. Not to mention it also does a fantastic job of telling time.

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