The Wiko WAX brings NVIDIA's i500 LTE modem to Europe

The 4.7-inch Wiko WAX is Europe's first Tegra 4i smartphone

Mobile World Congress

NVIDIA showed off the Tegra Note 7 LTE just a few days ago, and now they have a smartphone using their new i500 LTE modem to show us all as well.

The new Wiko WAX is the latest smartphone from one of Europes fastest-growing smartphone makers, and it looks to be their entry into the high-performance smartphone market. The 4.7-inch WAX features a 720p display and 8MP rear camera, and when paired up with the new Tegra 4 should be quite a speedy little devil. Gaming performance should be off the chart, and tasks like video playback and surfing the web should fly on the T4 with the 720p screen.

We'll be having a closer look at the WAX, and see how it handles the things it should do well and get a full list of the specs. Look for it, and more, from Mobile World Congress.

The Wiko WAX will be available throughout Europe this April.


Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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