Wiko WAX

The 4.7-inch Wiko WAX is Europe's first Tegra 4i smartphone

Mobile World Congress

NVIDIA showed off the Tegra Note 7 LTE just a few days ago, and now they have a smartphone using their new i500 LTE modem to show us all as well.

The new Wiko WAX is the latest smartphone from one of Europes fastest-growing smartphone makers, and it looks to be their entry into the high-performance smartphone market. The 4.7-inch WAX features a 720p display and 8MP rear camera, and when paired up with the new Tegra 4 should be quite a speedy little devil. Gaming performance should be off the chart, and tasks like video playback and surfing the web should fly on the T4 with the 720p screen.

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We'll be having a closer look at the WAX, and see how it handles the things it should do well and get a full list of the specs. Look for it, and more, from Mobile World Congress.

The Wiko WAX will be available throughout Europe this April.


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