Why do people care so much about wireless charging?

Thanks to the popularity of glass-backed phones like the Galaxy S8, LG V30, and iPhone X, wireless charging is now more prominent than it's ever been. This is great news for people that love using the feature, but it often results in phones lacking this functionality to be ridiculed and mocked.

One of our forum users recently told the Android Central community that they don't understand the big deal surrounding wireless charging and wanted to find out if anyone else felt similarly.

Folks were quick to respond to this, and these are some of the responses.

For me, it's the convenience. Excellent for bed time. Plop it down and forget it. Also, if you go from a phone that has it to one that does it, the loss of a feature will trigger some to call the one without it inferior.


Well here are advantages I know of/encountered: 1. Some restaurants are already putting wireless charger mats on their tables. Since a lot of the phones are splash resistant anyway, this makes it convenient that you leave the place with a fully charged phone. 2. For people whose job requires them to be always on the move in a building. It's easier to plop the phone down and it will just...


I had a phone with wireless charging when it first came out. I swore it would be a deal breaker for my next purchase but it hasn't been. Honestly, as far as I'm concerned it's not really wireless charging as in power transmitted wirelessly over a distance. That's coming soon from what I hear.

Mike Dee

The benefit I see is the unification of charging method across multiple platforms. It’s nice that Apple recently adopted it and I do wish that my Pixel XL had it. There are cars now that are coming with charging pads - the convenience of just plopping the phone down in a phone tray while driving and it getting charged wirelessly is fantastic. Keeps the car clean of any wires just as having...


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Joe Maring

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  • It charges way too slow. Only logical to charge over night while you're sleeping. Otherwise, cables is the way to go.
  • Can't agree more. Perfect for the bedside for overnight charging or maybe in the living room if you know you're going to be sat a while. Way too slow for any meaningful top up any other time even with Fast Wireless Charging. Also fine for restraunts and stores when there's nothing else available
  • It's gotten better, but it's great to have the option. If you have a desk job, every time you put it down it's charging. No worries of wires
  • If it's charging for a long period of time then yeah. If not, you'll barely get much juice from it.
  • It maintains the charge from the morning.. That's all you need it to do.
  • It's great for having podcasts/youtube/twitch play throughout the day. Plop it down and even if you don't top up, you won't go DOWN in battery if you're only using it for 30m. And if you get a call, you don't have to unplug it before bringing it up to your ears.
  • That's a good thought, it's not my use case but I can see where that would be handy. I like it for overnight charging but for the day time I find it frustrating because every time I want to pick up my phone to do something it of course is then not charging. I guess I just use my phone too much during the day to set it down long enough for a meaningful charge.
  • There are fast wireless chargers too, so....
  • I enjoy wireless charging. I have the Samsung fast charging pad for my s8+. It's not as fast as a plug but it satisfy' s my needs. I would not purchase a phone without it!
  • Not if you have fast wireless charging with the Samsung phones
  • It's only an hour slower than my fast charger via USB. What are you talking about? Stop buying cheap stands.
  • I have a similar take to Mike Dee. It's still a device that has to be plugged in anyway (and more expensive than a simple USB and charger), so it's not even truly wireless in the sense of the word. On top of that, if it's much slower than plugged-in charging, do I really want to pay a lot more for a 'wireless' charger? Or do I go with a cable that will do the job much faster and takes a second or three longer to plug in? Seems simple enough. I can see where it'd be a convenient thing for certain situations. But again, I don't know if the trade-off offers that much at the moment.
  • Especially with USB C. Even at night you don't have to fumble in the dark to get the cable orientation correct anymore, just plug it in.
  • Larry, it is wireless. Draw a diagram from the wall plug to your phone battery. Now, circle the wireless connection. Should be easier than finding Waldo.
  • What trade off? Just use both. With fast wireless charging i rarely plug the phone in. Just lay, charge and done. If it's slow charging then yes, it's not convenient many times.
  • A "lot more"? My charging pucks cost $10 each, and have been working perfectly for a couple of years now.
  • I am not and never was a fan. I agree it charges too slow, too finicky with placement, warms up the phone. With USB C I find it simpler especially since I use USB C for all devices.
  • I've found with the more expensive chargers the placement becomes non-issue. They have multiple coils so you usually can plop your phone down anywhere and it will work. The cheaper ones have one coil making placement difficult.
  • It's one of those things, like AMOLED, FM radio, SD cards, widgets, mouse on a tablet, that you don't miss until you've had it but then you can't live without it.
    Plop one charger on your desk, one next to your bed, and one somewhere else you spend time, and you never have to worry about your phone running low again, and you never have to think a bout it again.
  • FM radio? put down the phone, grandpa
  • Lol.. Some phones had it, why use data on iheartradio? It was a nice little feature.. I listen to fm in the car on that drive to /from work. That's it, not on phone
  • Rumor has it the Galaxy S9 will bring FM radio back
  • What's wrong with FM Radio? You'll be singing a different tune if your carrier goes down
  • Given the choice of a glass backed phone with wireless charging, or a metal backed phone without, I would take the latter every time.
  • Quality plastic will suffice.
  • Yes. I have a Moto Z with the plastic Qi mod and I leave it on all the time. It's a very good feel.
  • Agree, glass is the worst possible material for the back of a phone imo.
  • Never had a problem with glass. It’s just like anything else. Take care of your expensive device
  • Accidents happen.. Like leaving your phone on your lap when getting out of your car..
  • You learn not to do that. Haven’t dropped a phone in years. And if you drop a phone made with ANY material, you risk denting, chipping the frame or cracking the screen, killing its resale/trade in value.
  • Get a case. That's how you plan for accidents.
  • Can't we use polycarbonate like Nokia used to do with their Windows Phones?
  • For anyone who has used the Lumia 920, plastic has never felt so good
  • It's awesome and we should have the option. We had it in 2012.. It was awesome then and it's awesome now. Bring it back on the Pixel 3, Google! And based on the comments I've seen, I bet many if not all never even used wireless charging. And I don't mean tried it once, I mean use it on the daily for years. It was unmatched convenience.
  • I wish the pixel 3 would use a high quality matte plastic on the back. And release a ton of colors for it. Like the Google colors. And support Qi.
  • Agreed
  • Yes!!! This right here ^^^ I always thought I was alone on this one 👍
  • I have had it before and I don't miss it at all. I only plug my phone in twice a day and don't even need to do that. My Pixel 2XL charges to full in practically no time at all. Plug it in at night and plug it in at my desk just out of habit during the day. It was cute with my old phone just dropping it on the charging pad but that was really all it was, a novelty that looked kinda cool. Is a charging cable really so difficult? Especially with the advent of USB C. The old mini usb was kind of a pain, but you don't even need to look at your phone to plug in a usb c connector.
  • USB-C has mitigated the benefits of wireless charging to a degree. the old micro USB plugs could be a pain to line up correctly. USB-C is much better (mostly in my car). Still I like just putting my phone on the charger at night and not having a charging cable laying on the floor.
  • I have two wireless chargers. One at work and one at home. Neither are for overnight charging. I use them when I am in front of an computer so don't need my phone anymore. It's easy to just put it on the charger than plug it in. Especially when you have to do that many times a day.
  • Put a charger next to your bed, on your desk, and one in your living room, and unless you literally never set your G'damn phone down, it's extremely convenient to always have a phone that's topped up. But no, if your phone is physically in your hand every waking moment, due to something like not having a life, then it doesn't do you much good, except for a bedside charging stand while you fitfully sleep, dreaming of waking up so you can clutch your prescious again.
  • Exactly. My Moto Z needs a new battery (gets about 2h SOT) but I hardly notice because I have Qi pads all around the house.
  • But how much of your household surface space is wasted on charging pads? That is my main gripe.
  • It doesn't have to be. You get heaps or tables and shelves etc with a pad built right in so it's practically invisible. Ikea also sell flush fit charging plates so you can even fit your own if you don't want to change your furniture
  • So buy new furniture so your house to have wireless charging
  • Really? Each of my 2 pucks is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. If you can't devote that much space, you must be living in a closet.
  • Lol, how big do you think charging pucks are? Do you live in cardboard refrigerator box 📦, Lol. Aaand yeah, I think common sense tells you that you don’t have to buy any new furniture to set down a charging pad. Let’s be a little more obtuse, SMH. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Wireless charging is a nice convenience at home or at work. Not while traveling and using the phone for navigation - it heats up terribly. Enough to make the phone chirp on hot days. And I have had my phone get hot at home by not having the phone placed correctly on the wireless charger. OEMs need to separate the charging port from the data port - maybe use magnetic ports? The Micro USB port use to get real sloppy after dual purpose use in about 2 years... Not good. WiFi charging?
  • I have a wireless charger on my night stand and a wireless charger in my car. Both are $12 pads from amazon, the car charger has fast wireless charging. Both are in 3D printed mounts to perfectly fit the charger and the phone. I drop it on the charger before bed and keep the phone in the mount while driving and it keeps the battery topped up all day long. Not plugging and unplugging the phone every time you want to charge is a huge convenience. Anyone who says it isn't must have a phone without wireless charging. I won't buy another phone without it. For the neysayers, it's not like you lose any other features when they put wireless charging in the phone. Except maybe a metal back? But what phone has those now? How about just don't drop your damn $800 phone?
  • That's one of the reasons I like the Moto Z line. You get a phone with a metal back for those that want it, and a thin Qi back for the ones that want that.
  • Nope, I have had wireless charging on two different phones and I really don't miss it at all. Its a cute novelty but USB C has removed nearly all the annoyance of cable charging.
  • It has nothing to do with the one way plug and everything to do with not having to plug in at all. I jump in the car, drop my phone in the mount, and it immediately starts charging. When I get out of the car, I just pull the phone out and go. I don't have to search for the plug/cable, let alone figure out which way to plug it in. No having to line up the phone on the charging pad, I designed the mount to place the phone perfectly over the pad. It's not a novelty, it literally takes a step out of the charging process, not to mention allows me to easily pick up and use the phone when I need to without being tethered to a wall.
  • Plus 1000. Agree completely. Don't know the annoyance people have over laying a phone down and then picking up after it's charged. Oh well.
  • I find wired charging much more convenient, simply because I can use my phone while it's charging.
  • Using phone while charging, unless it's the oneplus really heats up the battery. And if you're constantly using your phone while charging you have different issues to deal with.
  • Not always true. If I get a call while on the charger, I just hit speaker and continue doing what I’m doing. It’s very convenient. Again, it’s not something you miss until you’ve actually become accustomed to it
  • Only if you're pushing it way too hard. Pokemon Go in the summer with screen brightness maxed while charging heats it up. Youtube playing a podcast while also running GPS Navigation while charging heats it up. Multi-windowing while also having the hotspot running wile charging heats it up. But what most people would consider "normal use" while charging isn't going to heat up your phone to a noticeable or meaningful extent.
  • I have used wireless charging for years now. Since the old Nokia Windows Phones first offered it. Now on my LG V30 I continue to use it today. I'm still using the three Qi wireless chargers that came with my Windows phones. They still work perfectly because they never move.
    I also tend to keep a phone for about three years. Two years on contract and a third year off contract. Because of the duration of my use, it is important to me that none of the parts wear out. I do use the wired charger for a quick charge hear and there. Still by my bedside, on my work desk and on the table at my mother's house I have wireless chargers. I use them when I am not in a hurry. By the way, my last three phones still function flawlessly.
  • I see many saying it's easier to plug in and that it's too slow. Yes, it's slow if you have slow wireless charging. Samsung has fast wireless charging, it's even pictured here. How is plugging in more convinient then laying phone down and picking it up?!? Don't get it. Yes, usb c has made things easier but plugging the actual charger in is only a one time thing, just leave it there and it does become wireless charging. No need to fuss.
  • Because every time you pick it up to use it it's not charging . . I like both and there are good uses for both I think.
  • That's the right answer. There are times I need to plug in to charge faster, but probably 80% of the time my wireless pucks keep the phone charge up.
  • It's slower to charge, but the main reason I like to use it is that it reduces wear and tear on the USB port on my phone. I've had multiple phones over the years have the USB port eventually fail.
  • Never had wireless charging and am really not bothered.
    Have chargers plugged in at work and home and in the car it's hardwired for Android auto. Have to spend a few seconds plugging it in if needed but can use the phone while charging and it's quicker apparently.
    Really don't understand why people want it?
  • Love it. Not quite a deal breaker that would stop be buying a phone but would tip me towards getting one phone over another
  • I really like having wireless charging on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I have a wireless charger at work. It's set up under my monitors and it's kept charged throughout the day plus I can see any notifications that come in without having to pull out the phone. I have one on my nightstand so my phone is fully charged first thing in the morning. I just recently bought a wireless charger for my car...and really like it. I don'w have to take the time to get the cord and connect it and unconnect it. I put the phone in the cradle and it's secured and its charging while I drive and I just reach over and pull the phone up out to the cradle..and I'm out the car. It's a nice convenience. Not sure if its a deal breaker though but a nice perk.
  • I don't care about wireless charging. It's more important for me to charge quickly and have the ability to use the phone while it's charging, so not having QuickCharge 3.0 or similar would be more of a deal-breaker. I prefer being able to fully charge in a few minutes before bed, before leaving the house or work vs. having the phone on a wireless charging pad for eight hours while sleeping or at work.
  • You do realize that having a wireless charge doesn't keep you from plugging in when you need to, right? It's not either / or. Having wireless gives you another option. Not having wireless doesn't.
  • VetteOwner, of course I realize there's still an option to plug in. Joe asked, "Is wireless charging something you care about?" My answer remains: No, I don't care about wireless charging (not that I mind having the option, but it isn't a deal-breaker for me). What exactly is the issue here?
  • Because Android's big influencer made it count as a feature, Yes Samsung has a hand in a number of what makes android what it is, can I mention
    FPS, multi window, that white notification pull down +more .... Remember the mighty Nexus 5 can charge wirelessly😁
  • Wireless charging? Cool feature, but not a deal breaker for me when choosing a phone.
  • Wireless charging is not a must-have right now. I will care more when it is able to charge my phone from across the room. My battery lasts long enough to get me back home and I plug in effortlessly. If wireless charging adds cost and reduces the battery capacity, no thank you.
  • Personally I find it rather pointless since I don't have to charge my phone during the day. At night it really isn't that much work to just plug it in the charger. I would rather have the manufacturer slap in a thicker battery instead of wasting space on wireless charging.
  • Today's false wireless charging isn't even truly wireless since your phone needs to be touching the charging puck which needs to be plugged in. This also reduces the usability of the phone when it's charging. To top it off, it's slow in comparison to even non-quick charge conventional charging. Super lame. It's a technology for the laziest of lazy people who can't even be bothered to plug their phone in so I guess it makes sense why people today still love it, since people today are very lazy... I think wireless charging in its current false state is idiotic, and I've even tried it on my LG G6. Talk to me about wireless charging again when you can charge your phone from across the room without any cables or pucks.
  • Once you use a wireless charger in your vehicle you know why it's the greatest invention since sliced bread. I drive a lot and that fumbling after a cable is a thing of the past. Actually, I don't have a single cable/wire dangling around anymore. Wireless charging is a must have standard these days. And with the right charger it doesn't take much longer than hooked to a USB cable.
    I will never again buy a phone that doesn't have this feature!
  • Could not care less in its current form. Having a system where you essentially can't use your phone while charging is pointless, making it only useful for home/car dock scenarios. Well, not even the car dock because you'd have to run a cable to it anyways..... I've also been know to fall asleep while holding my phone (not often, but it happens) and being able to have a cabled connection I can be pretty confident won't fall out is great peace of mind. I keep seeing comments about desk jobs charging, but out of everyone I know with a desk job, they either don't want to see your phone out, or you don't necessarily want to leave your own stuff behind when you leave.
  • Wireless charging? I obviously have missed the news flash revealing that scientists have proven that using a wired charger depletes our brain cells and consumes calories equivalent to running a marathon. All due to the astounding complexity involved in plugging a wired charger into the phone's USB port. I dislike glass-backed phones preferring metal unibody ones anyhow. Even without USB C I think wireless charging is overrated.
  • I've had it and could careless about it!
  • For me it is convenient. My phone lasts a full day and only needs to charge while I sleep. It is super convenient to just drop it on the charger when I go to bed. The most annoying thing is that Google was onboard with it and then dropped it from their phones after a lot of us put money into the chargers. Apple deciding to use Qi is the best thing that could have ever happened to wireless charging as it means that Google will bring it back.
  • It was a pain with my PRIV, ended up not using it, not missing it on my Essential as the charger is very fast and the battery life is much better than the PRIV anyway, (and it always overheated anyway). Not a deciding factor for me.
  • Yes, it's very useful. I sit down at my desk and drop the phone on a charging puck. I get up and take it with me. No cables to plug / unplug. I sit down in my favorite chair at home, ditto. The convenience means my phone is almost always between about 50% and 75% charge, which is the sweet spot for battery longevity. Charging it overnight keeps bumping the battery near 100%, which really isn't good for the battery. Neither is letting it drain to below 25% frequently (and if you only charge at night, you're probably getting below 25% most days. I do find it amusing how many of the "no" responses act as if wireless charging prevents you from plugging in when you need to charge in a hurry. Wireless charging takes away nothing, but adds a convenient option.
  • My point exactly what is so great about wireless charging? Fast charging I can relate to and is absolutely vital on a smartphone but not wireless charging.
  • I don't really care about it. On phones with a Micro USB connector, sure. It's a pain to try to put the connector in the correct way in the dark/drunk/etc. But for reversible connectors, it's not a big deal. Unless you are plugging your phone into a cable 20 times a day, you aren't going to wear out the connector before you get a new phone.
  • Fast charging cables are so superior, time wise. If you have access to a wall outlet for your charger pad, then may as well use a cable. I was surprised the Toyota truck my dad bought a year ago has a built in charging pad below the center console... Again.... Faster to simply use the USB cable. A slower charging technology is not progress... It is a technology in search of a use. I'd rather pay less for a phone and not have wireless charging. I sold the charging pad I received as one of two incentives received for pre-ordering my Samsung Galaxy Note 8... The other incentive, the 128Gb micro SD card, is well used and terrific.
  • Yep, if it doesn't have wireless charging, I'm not getting it. Funny enough, I used wireless when I go to bed and wired for throughout the day. I'm still on an S7, so the less I have to plug in a charging cord, that's less of chance of damaging the charging port.
  • Wireless is good for the same reason removable batteries were good. It extends a phone's life when and if the charging port fails. My mother in law's phone has a messed up charging port so she uses a wireless charger and can keep her phone. For me, the appeal of removeable batteries was being able to replace the battery when it's old and worn down.
  • Bedtime. Huge difference in laying phone down one handed and sleepy vs two handed and fumbling.
  • With the pixel 2XL , I only charge in a vehicle so have not missed it, had stopped using it on my N6 , too slow. With USB c plugging in is as fast as fumbling to get it on the right spot on a pad.
  • My Palm Pre had the magnetic, wireless Touchstone charging system back in the day. I had a screen sort of like the Daydream feature on current Android phones. The sticky bottom on the Touchstone kept it from sliding around the desk. It was great at work. Others modified them for cars. My HP Touchpad also had wireless charging for that tablet. I liked it then. I like it now. Keeps the USB port from getting loose.
  • Since the advent of USB C, it provides no real advantage. I don't miss it and would have no use for it.
  • I like it to be available for those inevitable times when the port where you connect the charger cable starts to fail - that still seems to be the weakest point on a phone, I don't have trouble but my teenage daughter seems to end up with a failed one on every phone long before we reach the upgrade time. I also like having a wireless pad on my desk so if I'm running low while at work I can just plop the phone on it for awhile without having to drag a cable across the desk if the phone needs looking at.
  • But you can't even use it while it's wirelessly charging... take it off the pad and it has stopped charging.
  • LMFAO!! You pick it up, use it, and then you put it down and it continues charging. What's so hard about that? I could just as easily say, "without wireless charging, if you use your phone while it's charging, your phone is annoying tethered to the charger". Pull on that wire, pull on it!
  • The first generation of wireless charging pads was painfully slow but with the later years fast charging 10/15w pads it is comparable to the normal speed wired chargers.
    it is not a deal breaker but in the rigt situations it is very convenient to just put the phone down and it charges for some time without having to deal with cables.
    for my needs i got fast charger pads next to my side of the bed aswell as in my car. and it is great for me to be able to just pick up the phone at night and then put it back after answered the late night call and not have to find my glasses just to find the cable and to see where to put it in the phone.
    and in te car it is just making it more convenient then to fiddle around with cables every time i get in or out of the car. now i just put it on the holder and snap it in and when i need to get out i just press teh relese button and off i go instead of ripping the cable out when i manage to forget it when i am in a hurry and as to doing so destroying the charging port of a phone costing 1000$. And the car charger do a great job at keeping the phone topped up when i get to my destination as it gives me around 25% for that 30min ride i mostly take.
  • Its alright... A nice option.
  • If I didn't receive one with my Note8, I never would have bought one. I do, however, use it every night and it works well. The only true benefit I've encountered is not having to pull the rubber flap on my Otterbox to charge it.
  • Convenience, don't need to plug and unplug every time when needs to charge, like it on my old Lumia 950 XL