Why do people care so much about wireless charging?

Thanks to the popularity of glass-backed phones like the Galaxy S8, LG V30, and iPhone X, wireless charging is now more prominent than it's ever been. This is great news for people that love using the feature, but it often results in phones lacking this functionality to be ridiculed and mocked.

One of our forum users recently told the Android Central community that they don't understand the big deal surrounding wireless charging and wanted to find out if anyone else felt similarly.

Folks were quick to respond to this, and these are some of the responses.

For me, it's the convenience. Excellent for bed time. Plop it down and forget it. Also, if you go from a phone that has it to one that does it, the loss of a feature will trigger some to call the one without it inferior.


Well here are advantages I know of/encountered: 1. Some restaurants are already putting wireless charger mats on their tables. Since a lot of the phones are splash resistant anyway, this makes it convenient that you leave the place with a fully charged phone. 2. For people whose job requires them to be always on the move in a building. It's easier to plop the phone down and it will just...


I had a phone with wireless charging when it first came out. I swore it would be a deal breaker for my next purchase but it hasn't been. Honestly, as far as I'm concerned it's not really wireless charging as in power transmitted wirelessly over a distance. That's coming soon from what I hear.

Mike Dee

The benefit I see is the unification of charging method across multiple platforms. It’s nice that Apple recently adopted it and I do wish that my Pixel XL had it. There are cars now that are coming with charging pads - the convenience of just plopping the phone down in a phone tray while driving and it getting charged wirelessly is fantastic. Keeps the car clean of any wires just as having...


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