White Galaxy S II coming August 15, says UK retailer

While most of the US is going nuts waiting for the launch of their Samsung Galaxy S II, it looks like Sammy could also have a little treat in store for Europeans next month. UK-based online retailer Clove Technology reports that it'll begin selling a white version of Samsung's flagship smartphone from August 15. There are no photos available just yet, but the internals match the impressive specs of the black original, and the price tag isn't too far off either -- the white Galaxy S II will sell for £410, compared to £399 for the black version.

The Galaxy S II has already seen success internationally, with 5 million units sold in just 85 days. Head on over to our full review of the device to find out why it's one of the most exciting Android phones of the year.

Source: Clove Blog (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Please hurry to the US!
  • I like the white on phones instead of the oringial black slab
  • Black and white are ok but why can't I get orange or blue? I could get all kinds of phone colors back in the flip phone days so what is the deal with the monochromatic smart phone experience we are all forced to live with?
  • BONER is what i get when thinking of a Nose Candy WHITE SGS II :)
  • BONER is what i get when thinking of a Nose Candy WHITE SGS II :)
  • Can you change the price in the post. In the UK we only care about the end price that you pay, £410 is without vat.
    Got me all excited there for a second thinking they were selling them cheap haha