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White Nexus S pictured, 'coming to Germany'

German tech site BestBoyz has obtained pictures of what seems to be a white (or at least partly white) version of the Nexus S. The new model, which the site's sources claim will be coming to Germany, features the same black front as the Nexus S models currently shipping elsewhere, but with a white back.

The sources also say that the German model will ship with the same Super AMOLED display found in the US and British versions of the phone. This will be welcome news for German buyers, as it was suggested (opens in new tab) last year that other territories may instead have to make do with Super Clear LCD displays in their versions of the Nexus S. [BestBoyz via Google Translate]

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  • What's up with all these mulatto phones. Is it that hard to make it either black or white. The half breeds look stupid imo
  • I don't know but for some reason it looks better than the Evo did.
  • It looks pretty nice with the exception of the Samsung logo. Does it come with Android 1.5?? Is 2.1 "coming soon"
  • This is simply a white battery cover. Probably be simimar third party options at some point. The area around the screen should always be black for better viewing contrast. White showing on the front would only help make the screen appear less bright.
  • Good point but there is and all white Iphone...maybe not a version 4 yet and no contrast complaints.
  • That's what it looks like to me as well. There were several battery doors of varying color available for the Galaxy S at my carrier. That is one of the nice things about the way the entire back of the phone is made - just replace the door and it has a completely different look.
  • Nexus S comes with Android 2.3.2. I bought one to my wife this December. The new Android is even better!
  • They just changed the battery cover color its the same thing!!!
  • No phone looks good in white.
  • White...No thanks.
  • Possibly the nicest white battery door ever. Thats all it looks like is a white battery door. Yet again Samsung fails
  • If you look closely, the buttons along the side of the phone are also white, so it's not just a case of a swapped-out battery door.
  • Its funny how people act like samsung is the first company to go half white half black. The HTC is half and half.
  • Its funny how people act like samsung is the first company to go half white half black. The HTC is half and half.
  • I know the article say "Germany" but got to think if this is real it's going to come elsewhere, too. Could this be the phone in the mysterious FCC filing that everyone said looks like the Nexus S?