White Nexus 4 spotted in the wild once again, still no sign of wider release

... And it still looks like a Nexus 4 in white

Remember that white Nexus 4 that cropped up in Vietnam a few months back? Well it's back, this time in the Philippines. Google+ user Ervin Sue has posted photos of the white-backed Nexus 4 which he says he bought from "a local buy and sell site." Like the white Nexus 4 we've seen in earlier leaks, this one has a white Crystal Reflective Process back and white sides, but a black trim around the display.

There's also no indication that this is anything other than an isolated appearance for the elusive white Nexus, which was rumored to have been given to some Google employees last year. It's not impossible that Google might opt for a more widespread launch in this color, especially if a new N4 variant is to be unveiled at Google I/O, but there's nothing here to suggest that'll happen.  So for the moment we'll have to make do with a few slightly blurry pics.

You'll find a couple more photos over at the source link.

Source: +Ervin Sue; via: CNET Asia

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • This seems too good to be true.
  • It is true, but it is not that good since the front is still black. I'm from the Philippines. I saw this at tipidcp.com when I was looking for a Nexus 4 Orb charger.
  • Looking at those pictures that could just simply be a white replacement back plate for the phone. It would be helpful if the screenshot of the rear was clear and could read the model fcc id etc..
  • It will also be easier to believe it the front was actually taken out as well.
  • Spoils the look imo
  • Chicks dig a white bling-bling phone.
  • The white part is the LTE ;)
  • What's weird is that Carphone Warehouse since October had Nexus 4 in white listed.
  • Like a wild pokemon.....
  • A wild snorlax appears.. !!! .. Use your pokeflute to wake him up!
  • I kinda like it; usually don't like white phones, but this isn't bad.
  • if you look at the pictures in the source link it is clearly two different phones. the two shots of the back show two different cameras. one camera has the white around the lense and one has black. i call shenanigans.
  • nice catch...under further inspection, one was taken with some sort of samsung phone, the other was taken with a nexus 4. i believe one of them to the the earlier "leaked" pictures taken back a few months.
  • No the nexus 4's camera surround in the 2nd and 3rd pic are different. One white and one black.
  • C'mon, this is fake. And really, who cares? Looks stupid.
  • And it still has that black bezel around the screen. SMH, when will Google learn?
  • It's possibly a skin