Which Wear OS devices have a speaker 2021?

TicWatch Pro 3
TicWatch Pro 3 (Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

Wristwatches and speakers aren't commonly thought of together, but for a smartwatch, it's really handy to have, and we've put together a list of all the Wear OS devices with a speaker for you. Not only does a speaker allow you to make and receive phone calls right on your wrist, but it can also be used when talking to the Google Assistant. Even some of the best Android watches may not have a speaker, but here are your best options if it's a must-have feature for your wrist.

Yes, I can hear you

Built-in speakers are one of the less common features on Wear OS watches. Still, without a doubt, the TicWatch Pro 3 is the best one you can buy that still retains this small, yet valuable, addition being the best performing Wear OS watch available. It delivers just about every feature you could ask for in a good-looking package while also kicking out some of the best battery life you'll find. If you have the cash to afford it, the TicWatch Pro 3 is the way to go.

If you're looking for a watch that has a speaker but isn't going to break the bank, then check out the Fossil Gen 5E. It's a great looking watch that works in almost any situation, and it offers two sizes to fit most any wrist better. However, if money isn't a consideration and you want a watch with some style and solid features, then the Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 is the one to check out. While the list of watches that will get you a speaker on your wrist isn't long, there are various styles and prices that should help you find one that best fits you.

Joe Maring

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