There are a few features you come to expect on most smartwatches. Heart-rate sensors are pretty standard, water-resistance is expected these days, NFC for mobile purchases on the go with Google Pay, and built-in GPS is always a nice touch. One feature that can often be overlooked, however, is a built-in speaker. Not only does a speaker allow you to make and receive phone calls right on your wrist, but it can also be used when talking to the Google Assistant. If you're looking for a Wear OS watch that's outfitted with a speaker, here are your best options.

Be ready: TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

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TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE has a signature dual-screen display that helps with outdoor visibility and extending the battery life. With 1GB of RAM Wear OS is smooth, water-resistance is improved, and the style bulky but refined to give the TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE a clean look. You also have a cellular radio that will let you leave the phone behind and stay connected. With the inclusion of the speaker and microphone, you can even take phone calls right from your wrist.

$297 at Amazon

Sporty style: TicWatch S

The TicWatch S is a very comfortable watch with GPS built into the band, giving it great tracking for your workouts. With the inclusion of water resistance, a heart rate monitor, and a speaker, you can get workouts done and even hear your training metrics while on the go.

$128 at Mobvoi

Tech on a budget: TicWatch E

The TicWatch E may have a low price tag, but it carries a big list of features. From its heart rate monitor, lightweight, well-tuned software, and speaker, you have a watch that can fit into a lot of situations. Helping you get your tasks done, and when you have a question for the Google Assistant, you can ask away and hear the answers back.

$90 at Mobvoi

No battery anxiety here: TicWatch Pro

The TicWatch Pro is much like its sibling the TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE in that it has the same dual-screen technology, NFC, water-resistance, microphone, and speaker. It may not have the cellular radio or the extra ram of the 4G/LTE model, but it still is a great device to get for long battery and great performance.

$250 at Amazon

Beautifully smart: Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna comes in a rose gold finish as well as black with a touch of rose gold surrounding the watch face. It also has a three-button set up with two customizable pushers that flank a rotating crown for navigation. As part of the GEN 5 family, the Julianna has the later Snapdragon 3100 as well as the 1GB and great software tweaks to help with battery life. Should you feel like asking about the weather for your next outing, Google Assistant can give that to you audibly with the included speaker.

From $219 at Amazon

Performance in style: Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle has a classic style outside with top-notch tech inside. The Carlyle comes in a black or silver color option case option with 1GB RAM, the Snapdragon 3100 processor, a speaker, and a microphone for taking calls while paired to your phone with some smart software customization for a great smartwatch.

$295 at Amazon

A modern classic: Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3

Armani is known for high-class design, and with the Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3, you get that with a smartwatch twist. This classicly styled watch has some modern touches that help it look great in any situation. For the tech side of things, it comes with GPS, a heart rate monitor, and even a microphone with a speaker letting you keep your hands free while getting your directions from Google Maps.

$375 at Amazon

Large and in charge: Diesel On Axial

The Diesel On Axial is a smartwatch with an attitude. While the case may be large, it houses some big tech within with 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, NFC for Google Pay, even a microphone and speaker. These specs make sure that you have a watch that can handle your sense of style and never hold you back.

$334 at Amazon

Classically modern: Fossil Gen 5 Garrett

If you are on the hunt for a classically styled smartwatch packed with the modern tech, then look no further than the Fossil Gen 5 Garrett. Utilizing 1GB RAM, onboard GPS, and swim-proof protection, you can rest assured that you'll have one of the best Wear OS watches around. Not to mention you can also take and make calls with the built-in speaker and microphone.

$220 at Amazon

Timeless tech: Michael Kors Bradshaw 2

The Bradshaw 2 from Michael Kors has a timeless style on the outside while packing the inside with future tech. This Wear OS smartwatch hums right along with nary a hiccup thanks to the Snapdragon 3100 processor paired up with 1GB RAM. You'll be able to pay on the go thanks to the included NFC. Google Assistant is there for you, too, with the onboard speaker and microphone.

$320 at Amazon

Meshes well: Skagen Falster 3

The Skagen Falster 3 is hands-down, one of the best looking smartwatches available. From the case design to the signature watch bands, this is a watch that oozes style. Don't let the looks fool you, though, since it's a beauty on the inside too. It makes excellent use of the newest wearable processor and top of the line components — including a speaker and microphone.

$264 at Amazon

Yes, I can hear you

Built-in speakers are one of the less common features on Wear OS watches. Still, without a doubt, the TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE is the best one you can buy that still retains this small, yet valuable, addition while allowing you to stay connected with its cellular radio. It delivers just about every feature you could ask for in a good-looking package while also kicking out some of the best battery life you'll find. If you have the cash to afford it, the TicWatch Pro is the way to go.

If you're looking for a watch that has a speaker but isn't going to break the bank, then check out the TicWatch E. While the watch is getting a little long in the tooth, it still does a good job keeping you connected and has a nice feature set. However, if money isn't a consideration and you want a watch with some style and solid features, then the Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3 is the one to check out. While the list of watches that will get you a speaker on your wrist isn't long, there are a variety of both styles and prices that should help you find one that best fits you.

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