Which Facebook app or service could you not live without?

WhatsApp and Instagram
WhatsApp and Instagram (Image credit: Android Central)

Facebook's F8 developer conference is taking place today, and we expect to learn all about the future of the social media giant's many apps, platforms, and initiatives. Following the pandemic-times trend of online events, this year's F8 will be a virtual conference (Facebook canceled last year's for health and safety concerns).

Despite being constantly in the news for one reason or another, the main "blue" Facebook app is still going strong, while Facebook Messenger is one of the fastest-growing chat apps around. Even with all of the drama surrounding WhatsApp and its privacy policy changes this year, it continues to dominate among messaging platforms worldwide, and Instagram is still the darling of influencers and ordinary people alike. And who could forget Oculus and the growing popularity of VR gaming, fitness, and social opportunities!?

Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking Push

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Even though the company generates some strong feelings among users and non-users alike, the simple fact is that Facebook's services are intertwined with most of our digital lives. That being the case, it got us wondering... if you could only use one Facebook app or service for the rest of your days, which would it be? We can guess which you might not pick, but narrowing down among the other options might be considerably tougher.

Jeramy Johnson

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  • Instagram hands down. There is nothing like it and as you accurately called out, the influencer market there is so big and meaningful. Whole markets thrive on Instagram, like beauty, fitness, writers, and fashion. Instagram can do so much more to foster the engagement. Even though I use WhatsApp, I could live happily without it and wouldn't miss it if it up and disappeared.
  • None. Flush them all down the toilet and I wouldn't miss any of them.
  • For me personally, it's WhatsApp since I live in a country where it is basically the de facto mobile messaging platform (SMS messages are hardly used and expensive). Carriers here even give you free WhatsApp usage or a separate data bucket for use with WhatsApp that doesn't count against other internet traffic. If you live in the U.S., WhatsApp isn't that big of a deal so it's easy for Americans to just dismiss it but elsewhere in the world it's a whole different story.
  • Please add "None" as an option!!!
  • I'm with the 'None' crowd. Scrap them all.
  • I can live without all of them.
    They are all trash run by a company that does not support the US Constitution.
  • On a desert island? Netflix...;D
  • I've been on this earth 59 years and only used Facebook for 1 year, found it to be drivel and closed my account. Never used Instagram or Whatsapp. So, none. I can quite easily live with absolutely no Facebook apps or services whatsoever.
  • LOL, the people that love and use these apps are never the ones that leave comments, giving you a few skewed opinion of the same ten or so people.
  • This is easy as I only have/use WhatsApp. And that's by default because no one wants to switch to Signal 🤷‍♂️
  • Since Android messages support RCS, I haven't looked back at Whatsapp or FB. I'm done!
  • I can't live without Facebook, Its how I found old school buddies so Facebook is vital to me, although I don't agree with their sneaky tactics in collecting our data, Facebook will always be popular and people love familiarity and convenience so Facebook will continue to be the go to social media platform along with Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Personally I can take them all and throw them in the trash. FB is a time sink and a bait trap. If it disappeared tomorrow my life would be infinitely better. I haven't used What's app in over 2 years and IG I have no use for at all. I only use messenger cause a family member swears by it. Otherwise i'd just text her normally. There's really nothing that FB owns that absolutely need period.