Stadia is coming, and while you won't need to buy a console — yeah, this new system will take getting used to — using the Stadia Controller will greatly simplify your cross-platform experience as well as make it easier to stream your gameplay to others. There are a few controller colors available at launch, but some are definitely better than others.

Heat things up: Wasabi

Staff pick

Wasabi isn't quite as pungent green as the sushi accompaniment — it's more of a Key Lime, but I guess Key Lime isn't macho enough for a game controller — but this combo features neon accents that are lemon-lime rather than Stadia's blood orange. It's a delicious combination that stands out in the best ways with a cool color pallete.

$69 at Google Store

Clean and crisp: Clearly White

White controllers are easy to spot, even in dimly lit rooms and amidst throw pillows and couch cushions. White lets the orange accents POP against the black buttons and white case. While white tends to show more grime over time, it's also easier to tell when you've gotten all the grime and smudges off.

$69 at Google Store

Understated: Just Black

Black goes with everything, and while I think it's the teeniest, tiniest bit boring, it also doesn't show scuffs, scratches, dust, and wear as starkly as the Clearly White, which is a bonus. I'd just stay away from the powdery snacks, because Cheeto crumbs and powdered sugar from my muddy buddies will stick out against that black.

$69 at Google Store

Founder's Edition exclusive: Night Blue

I'm a sucker for a good blue, and the Night Blue Stadia Controller is a Founder's Edition exclusive, so if you want one, you should pre-order it now. It's a lovely scheme and honestly, for all the Stadia Founder's Edition bundle comes with, it's quite possibly the best value here, since it comes with a Chromecast Ultra and three months of Stadia Pro.

$129 at Google Store

Color your controller, color your world

The Stadia controller is the easiest way to interact with the new Stadia system. Not only can you access some of the platform's unique features, but you can get it in multiple colors. That Night Blue Founder's Edition controller is just darling. That's a good thing because if you want to play Stadia first, the Founder's Edition is what you need since those who buy in get a first turn at the new service. Founder's Edition comes with a lot of bonuses, but the cool blue controller is pretty high up the list in my mind, so I don't mind having that be the first controller I spring for.

However, since Founder's Edition also comes with three months of Buddy Pass and your friend may want to use the same controller — of if you intend to skip the Founder's Edition and just buy games with the free Stadia Base — I highly suggest going with the Wasabi Controller and its darling lemon-lime pallete.