Which color PlayStation 4 Pro should you buy?

PlayStation 4 and games
PlayStation 4 and games (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: While you can still get a limited edition PS4 Pro if you're willing to pay through the nose for it, you're just better off getting a standard PS4 Pro. If you absolutely have to get something besides the standard model, there are two options, which will set you back around $200 more and $450 more respectively.

So which color PlayStation 4 Pro should I buy?

While PlayStation does produce occasional limited edition consoles, they are limited and tough to get ahold of months after release. By far, the best choice to go with is the standard PS4 Pro. Everyone knows about the standard black PlayStation 4 Pro console. With a 1TB hard drive, it's the default. It's the system you commonly see on store shelves, and the one in just about every demo station when you go to play games yourself. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, it's also the only real option.

Oh, but I am willing to spend a lot of money!

If money is no object, there's still a couple of other custom PS4 Pro models to consider. Be forewarned; since they've been discontinued, they are costly. We have the Marvel's Spider-Man limited edition console, which is red with a white spider. Naturally, it also comes with the game. It's currently $559 on Amazon.

If Spidey isn't your thing though, there's also the limited edition God of War console. Featuring the design of Kratos' Leviathan ax, this console is an interesting silver base with diagrams all over. You're going to shell out a ton of cash for it though: right now it's $825 on Amazon.

What about the white PlayStation 4 Pro?

Unfortunately, the white PlayStation 4 Pro is ridiculously rare, to the point where it is not currently available on Amazon, even for an exorbitant price. Maybe we'll see it come back in the future with a new model or bundle, but for now, it's virtually unavailable.

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