Motorola RAZRSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

As hard as it can be to believe at times, foldable phones are now a reality here in 2019. Samsung's Galaxy Fold is the first from a major company to launch in the U.S., and coming in January 2020, the newly-announced Motorola RAZR will hit store shelves.

These two foldables take on very different form factors. The Galaxy Fold is essentially a phone that opens up to be a miniature tablet, where the RAZR is a phone that folds up to be super portable.

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Taking a gander through the AC forums, a lot of our members have a lot of thoughts on which form factor is better than the other.


As title says...I think that Motorola did it better. Folds to smaller form and opens to a better size. It's a little light on the specs, but Motorola brought back the startac in a smart phone. I think they are onto something myself, thoughts?

B. Diddy

I think it totally depends on what you're looking for. If you want tablet-sized real estate for productivity and media creation, then the Galaxy Fold is the better bet. If portability is important (i.e., you don't want a giant slab bulging out of your front pocket, making people wonder if you're just glad to see them;)), then the Razr would be great. Personally, I think the use case for...


I agree the razr is all about form factor. The “fold” is all about a folding tablet that still doesn’t become very pocketable unless you wear cargo pants. I’m looking forward to see how it fares after release. I hope it does well, but we don’t know yet how well the screen will hold up being opened and closed possibly a hundred times a day. If this 1st gen does well and a 2nd is released next year...

Ian B

For $500 more I get a tablet/phone combo w 10x better specs. No doubt fold was the right choice for me.


What do you think? Is the Galaxy Fold or Motorola RAZR the better foldable phone?

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