Which Amazon Cloud Drive plan are you using?

Now that Amazon's unleashed its cloud-based music service (the short version: you upload your music and can play it from anywhere), you've got a choice to make: Which plan to choose? Here's the breakdown:

  • 5GB - FREE!
  • 20GB - $20/year
  • 50GB - $50/year
  • 100GB - $100/year
  • 200GB - $200/year
  • 500GB - $500/year
  • 1000GB - $1000/year

But, wait, there's more. Amazon's currently bumping you up to the 20GB plan with the purchase of any album from its MP3 store. Buy a 69-cent album and get $20 worth of data storage for a year. Can't beat that.

So let's hear it, folks. Which plan are you looking at?

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Phil Nickinson