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Best answer: The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra top out at 25W with Samsung's Super Fast Charging Wall Charger, and should you lose the one that comes in the box, replacements can be easily bought at Amazon or Best Buy.

No need for imitators

Super Fast Charging is Samsung's charging profile that uses USB Power Delivery 3.0 PPS in order to charge most of its recent flagships at 25W — and at 45W for the Note 10+ and the S20 Ultra. While Power Delivery is an open standard that is widely used and available in wall chargers that go up to 100W, Samsung Super Fast Charging isn't built into many chargers because of that last little abbreviation in the standard: PPS, or Programmable Power Supply.

PPS is a standard within a standard, and while it can be a useful tool for charging laptops and other larger devices, it's not widely adopted by manufacturers yet, so accessory makers haven't had much reason to include it, either. There are scores of chargers that say they're PPS, but they almost all fail to actually charge the Note 20 at full speed.

There's little reason to go looking for substitutes when the stock Samsung charger is so widely available — especially when it's often on sale for less than $20 at Amazon. There are substitutes and generic knock-offs of the Samsung 25W charger, but I find it hard to recommend them over the original so long as there's less than a $10 difference between their respective prices. Such replacement chargers that look and feel like the original often have substandard components inside, and if a charger goes bad, it could ruin your charging port or your Note 20.

If Samsung's official charger is somehow out of stock at both Amazon and Best Buy, there is one third-party charger I trust to charge the Note 20 at full speed. Elecjet makes some of the only portable chargers to charge the Note 10+ and S20 Ultra at 45W, and it makes a 25W wall charger that uses Samsung Super Fast Charging and Adaptive Fast Charging profiles. It's no smaller than Samsung's, but it is a few dollars less.

Offically fast

Samsung 25W USB-C Fast Charger

Samsung 25W USB-C Super Fast Charging Wall Charger

It never hurts to have a spare

One of these comes with every Note 20, but if you lose the original or want a second one to keep at your desk at work, you can easily find it in black or white.

Speedy alternative

Elecjet 25W Charger

Elecjet Samsung 25W Fast Charger

Same charging speeds, even lower prices

Elecjet's power banks and wall chargers offer up compact size and affordable pricing while still giving you the top charging speeds for your Note 20.

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