Where to buy the Google Pixel and Pixel XL in the U.S.

Now that Google has officially announced its new Pixel phones, you may be wondering where you can purchase one for yourself. Unlike a lot of other phones, you can't just walk into a carrier store and grab one, but they are going to be available from a few different retailers. Google will be selling the phones through its own store, but if you prefer to shop elsewhere you'll be able to do that too.

Availability will vary by retailer, and some may offer different promotions to entice you to make the purchase from them. Here's where you can find the new Pixel phones in the U.S. Be sure to check back for more retailers and information as it becomes available.

Google Store

The Google Store may be the easiest place to order your new phone from. You'll get free standard shipping, a cheap upgrade to express shipping and easy returns if needed. Google has also expanded its financing options (opens in new tab) beyond just Project Fi this year, meaning you can pay for your phone over the course of 24 months if you'd rather.

You can also purchase the device protection in case you want some additional warranty coverage.

See at Google Store{.cta .shop}

Project Fi

Whether you are an existing Project Fi customer or want to make the switch, you'll be able to pick up a Pixel or Pixel XL through Project Fi again. Existing Project Fi customers can log in and pre-order now and get a free Google Daydream with their order. New customers can sign up for Project Fi through the Google Store listing.

Current Project Fi customers will only be able to order the black or silver version, not the blue.

See at Project Fi


Google has announced that Verizon is the exclusive carrier partner for the Pixel and Pixel XL in the U.S.

See at Verizon (opens in new tab)

Best Buy

Best Buy is listed as a retailer for the Pixel and Pixel XL, but Google did not announce whether or not it would have stock available for launch. The retailer began Nexus 6P sales following the official launch, so you may have to wait a bit to place your order through Best Buy.

See at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

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  • Exclusive partnership with Verizon, it's ridiculous.
  • It doesn't make much sense since there are so many other ways to get it on any carrier. Evidently the only difference is who you are sending in the monthly payments to...and, I suppose, who you are taking it to for support or repairs/replacement.
  • I'm wondering if Pixels sold through Verizon are going to be Verizon variants with ROMs filled with Verizon bloat and un-timely updates. Or are the ones sold through Verizon going to be identical to the ones sold through Google. Also, I'm guessing you can't get the Google protection if you purchase through Verizon.
  • I'm hearing the verizon version will not be unlockable. Now how the updates are handled, so knows, but if the past dictates the future, not well.
  • All phones Verizon sells are unlocked now. I worked at Best Buy until about 4 months ago. It may have bloat, but it will be unlocked.
  • Yeah the FCC has forced Verizon to unlock their phones and allow unlock phones on their network. I just hope Google doesn't allow Verizon to fork the Pixel phones with their own variants.
  • Verizon doesn't lock its LTE phones, however, this particular model sold at Best Buy only has CDMA band radios in it.
  • US with this carrier bullshit.
  • Google should have named the big one the Mega Pixel or the PiXeL
  • +1
  • YAS, Mega Pixel !!!!!
  • +1 at Megapixel.
  • I'm liking the PiXeL
  • Me too.
  • Says ships in 6-7 weeks..... Seems crazy long.... Why even announce the products yet? Wish there were announcements on a Google watch and Chromebooks. This was a definite letdown for many.
  • As of the time I type this the black XL 128 says 2-3 weeks.
  • My estimated delivery date is 20-21 of October. It depends on when you pre-order.
  • Big Question... With Google offering unlimited photo storage, which version do you buy? 32GB or 128GB ???
  • By using Google Photo, you have given Google permission to use any of YOUR photos it wants as though it was their own property. I'd be very careful of the type of photos I take since your privacy has gone out the window. No thanks!
  • That's what folders are for.
  • Google isn't going to go into random folders,fish out photos and use them for marketing without asking for permission first. They probably use their own staff for that.
  • Nope - They have AI which can go and look at all of your photos and make them fully searchable. See: https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/23/googles-ai-is-getting-really-good-at...
  • I'm going 32gb. With all my photos at original resolution on Google Photos, and all my music on Spotify, I only need to download music or video to my phones for those rare times I'm out of network. And, I'm not a big player of games on my phone so that's the other big storage hog. I've pared back to a 32gb phone on my other line w/no issues so will do the same here.
  • 128gb there's no expansion for memory and VR stuff is heavy.
  • Hmm... Interesting point...
  • And it's only $100 more to get 4x the storage.
  • Depends on whether you need to store a lot of local media files. If you aren't storing loads of music and movies then 32 is most likely enough. Personally, I'd go with the 128.
  • Oh Google....Let's take our phone to the one carrier that adds so much bloat and distorts every inch of a phone so bad that some of the features aren't even available when released..great choice...why not T-Mobile that adds the least bloat or no bloat depending on the phone or just stay carrier free.. I mean come on!!!!
  • But they didn't take it to AT&T...
  • It's basically carrier free
  • What better way to get people to use Project Fi. They just make the most expensive U.S. carrier the exclusive one. I would give up my phone completely if Verizon was the only carrier. Buying an unlocked phone isn't always the answer. What if the frequencies don't support all of the carriers' features. I have T-Mobile as my carrier and am curious what functionality I would be giving up by buying an unlocked Pixel phone.
  • Seeing as though the 6, 5X and 6P all have wifi calling and all work on band 12 with TMobile I would imagine that the Pixel phones do the same.
  • My problem is the fact that they went to a specific carrier to sell their phone instead of leaving it carrier free or being offered through all carriers. The price is not the issue or use on other networks. It's the principal that Verizon exclusive phones are far from being carrier free.
  • VZW may have offered up a lot of cash for the exclusivity. That's what brought us the iPhone. I do think it's odd that they went with a CDMA carrier for the exclusive vice GSM.
  • I think it's more likely to get the non-developer public excited about a Google phone.. (Think iPhone & AT&T). This is an old story and in the US it's the best way to get your product in people's hands. Also.. I'm not sure Wi-Fi calling would work on TMOUS.. I'd hope it does since I'm on TMO, but, Usually the phones require some TMO unique thing to work on Wi-Fi calling...
  • I don't think it's confirmed that Verizon is going to bloat it up like they usually do. I've seen reports that it will be like the iphone and they won't touch the software. Either way, the reason to go with Verizon is clear. Verizon has a greater market reach than any other carrier. Least we forget that Verizon and the original Motorola Droid is how Android got it's mainstream start. If you're going to partner with just one carrier then Verizon is the one to go with. If you're on Tmo then just buy unlocked online or at BestBuy/
  • Again this isn't about carrier it's about the principal that Google went with a carrier specific setting rather than be open carrier across the board. Yes I know it's unlocked through Google, yea I understand I can buy it and make it work for T-Mobile and other carriers. This is about how stupid it is for Google to make only Verizon an option for carrier choices. Either go all out or nothing..besides this phone is so high in price compared to leta say the honor 8 or maybe the Moto z of which both a cheaper and both are also unlocked and have amazing specs.
  • Best Buy is Verizon only.
  • If there is another company that knows how to add bloat to your phone it's Google. This is a match made in heaven.
  • Maybe try the iPhone........
  • The Verizon deal isn't that big of a deal. The phone will still work on the major carriers. Honestly, this helps the idea that people need to start buying there phones separately anyway and have carriers focus on service
  • ^^^THIS RIGHT HERE!!!! ^^^ I can't figure out why people don't get a grip on that!? It's like they think they can't buy it now or something.
  • I don't mind the Verizon exclusive since it can be purchased through Google. Google offers better support anyway.
  • I have several accounts with Synchrony Bank love them - wait Google wants $869 for XL 128gb LMAO AHHAHAHAHA they tripping. I hate when they put two bottom holes on a device for aesthetics but it end up being a single firing speaker. The rest of the device is "meh" not ground breaking, and the software will eventually trickle down to other devices, and yea next year they will introduce something else after these have lackluster performance. Hardware wise you can get devices comparable or better for nearly HALF the price in some instances. Build quality does look nice though...but I digress these phones are priced way too high for what they provide - i really don't see these taking off.....and for once will a company launch a product right! Already sold out, not in stock, 6-7 week ship times like don't ANNOUNCE and we can't CHOOSE what WE want JEEZ I doubt they sold out that fast LMAO.....REALLY BLUE HERE ,...I am really BLUE...
  • What phone is comparable to this at half the price?
  • Ummmmmmmmmmm pick one - Huawei devices, Axon, One+, etc....not to mention other flagships recently third party could go for lower price - nothing fascinating about the Google Pixel ! It is priced WAY above it's pay grade.
  • Do those come with 7.1?
  • "The rest of the device is "meh" not ground breaking, and the software will eventually trickle down to other devices" - did you not comprehend that statement o_0 - go on ahead and pay $649 - $869+ for the "best" cellphone camera "ever", single firing TWO HOLE bottom speaker oh the coveted 7.1 software - I have a Nexus 6P with 7.0.....and went BACK to a Note 5 with marshmallow. The hype of bland android isn't appealing to most. I love Samsung Pay I love my S-Pen I have 64gb so plenty of storage and the Nexus 6P offers great cam great speakers and the "latest" google software. These devices are ok, but the PRICING is ALL WRONG! 7.1 is not reason enough to spend that kind of money and you say do these come with 7.1 as if that software won't OFFICIALLY be released to most devices within the next year and UNOFFICIALLY leaked YESTERDAY to some devices LOL wake up people - stop being so credulous.
  • You seem more angry at the price than the actual device lol. Sure 7.1 doesn't justify the price but people complain every year about what Google does with these devices. Not only that, these prices are around what other flagships tend to be. How much is a note 7 or iPhone 7 outright? I have the 6p and it's no doubt a great device. I'd buy it over again. I'm sure the Pixel performance will justify the price.
  • There is no emotion to be had, just my opinion not angry at all. I actually think the device look is fine, albeit I hate (as previously mentioned) they use two speaker grills but its only one single speaker. 820 Snap to 821 Snap. Meh - again, with what these devices provide and offer the PRICE is going to hurt them. I have NEVER bought into Apple so they have always been irrelevant to me price wise. I buy my devices outright even before it became a trend. The Note 7 is OVER PRICED too! Which is why I opted to buy a Note 5 64gb a few days ago versus nearly $1000 for a battery issue ridden Note 7 with a smaller Spen SMALLER .7mm point versus the 1.6mm on the 5 and that dual edge screen looks nice but again not worth it. My pens are 1.2mm so go figure. With so many great devices for $500 or less Samsung, HTC, Apple, and now Google better wake up. See people get these devices on finance so they are suckered in because they do not pay up front they pay monthly so to them it doesn't matter but $ is $ and time is $ so I can't justify spending nearly $1,000 for ANY cellphone even IF it made my wildest dreams come true LOL..when cellphones start costing the price of a Laptop (even those prices are way less now for DECENT specs! if not GREAT!) I am just saying we John Q public need to make our voices heard with our dollars, companies like Apple who overcharge for their devices are a joke Regards, Dr. Jé
  • People just seem to love being screwed by CORPORATIONS! They already own the politicians.
  • Is 7.1 worth twice as much to you? If so that's crazy.
  • None of those devices have the hardware to run Google daydream, assistant, or take HDR+ photos and 4k video by default with no shutter lag. Infinite photo storage. None of those phones have any of that. Stop hating
  • I am not hating (the features you read off are irrelevant and not convincing enough to invalidate my point) Regards, Dr. Jé
  • Oh that's total BS.
    Stop being a fan boy. The previous poster was right, these prices are ridiculous. These won't move at all and VZW reps won't sell them as they won't have spiffs on them, etc.
  • Fanboy! You don't need QC821 to run google assistant :)), also I have not noticed any issues taking 4Ks on a S7, iphone 6S,SE,7, S6 Edge etc
  • Price acceptance is what people are willing to pay for something. There are plenty of CLUELESS people who will plop down big $$ for mobile phones whether they are worth it or not. If people will pay $850 + tax for a Note 7, what's to keep them from buying these overrated Pixel phones?
  • Exactly!!!!!!!!!! One Plus will have a new phone soon, I was close to pulling the trigger on a Note 7 a few days ago just to give Google a chance to show me something that will blow my mind........................... I should have the Note 7 especially at that price I can add my own SD card to that
  • Who cares if they partner with Verizon as the exclusive to finance the phones via carrier?
    Buy your phone from Google and use it where you want.
    I don't understand.
  • Exactly. If it works on Fi it will work on everyone else
  • Hmmmm, maybe people don't have the money to buy it upfront. We are not all rich like some.
  • Google offers financing if you buy from them
  • That's great, but you understand the point I was trying to make.
  • google offer financing.. equal payment for 24 months. i dont undertand what the problem is here.. there is no issue here and people are making a big deal when they dont have to.
  • I wasn't aware that Google was financing.
  • More people qualify for carrier payments than 3rd party credit.
  • Perhaps I'm the one who doesn't understand. I was under the impression that "unlocked" phones don't work on all carriers equally. Verizon and Sprint are CDMA and AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM. Plus, they all use different frequencies. So if I buy a Pixel phone, what guarantee do I have that all of the T-Mobile frequencies are covered by the phone?
  • Because it is compatible with Project Fi, which runs on Sprint AND on T-Mobile. Google can't run it on Google's "network" if it didn't have the bands to use that network.
  • Because it works on Fi, which uses T-Mobile and Sprint. T mobile and at&t are ALMOST interchangeable thus making Verizon the only need for a carrier version
  • I can assure T-Mobile and AT&T use vastly different types of LTE deployment.
  • I think you may have been MIA the last few years. Since the Nexus 6, Google's phones have all had the radios for all networks in one phone. You can get an Iphone, S7, and Moto, plus some other phones that work anyplace.
  • Should be titled "Where NOT to buy Pixel"
    These phones are way overpriced. They should start at $350 max. Xiaomi Mi5s has the same specs as the Pixel, same processor, screen size, resolution, fingerprint sensor, etc. It starts at $300! Google is making the same mistake that HTC (the manufacturer of Pixel) made that has led to drastic decline in market share. Inflated prices are not going to sell these phones. I don't care how many Google Home doodads it can connect with, or how swift the OS updates will be. Why would anyone shell out double the cost for the same hardware for that? If you want an illustration of how this is going to go, just look at the Amazon Fire phone. Sure it connected with everything Amazon but it was overpriced and was a total failure. Pixel is going to sell poorly.
  • Exactly the Pixel XL is $729 for the base 32gb $850 for the next size up. OMG so Google's moment in Android history is the death of the pure Android experience for the masses..
  • I think Google should just give them away. I mean, seriously, pay for it? The heck are they thinking.
  • Agreed.... The pricing is ridiculous considering the phones aren't offering much beyond software..... Most people are going to see these as unproven products. The rest of the products on display today were priced reasonably.... No idea what happened here.... The phones are missing many features.
  • It's called American CORPORATE GREED!
  • Exactly!
  • Why don't you ask samsung, the market leader in android devices. They seem to be doing pretty well with their overpriced phones. I'm not happy about the pricing, but I still pre-ordered mine. I understand what google is trying to do, I wish they did it sooner honestly, however I think they could have done it without the price hike. However, I think you are a bit misguided to compare it to the Xiaomi. While close in specs, I will bet that the pixel will still outshine it. Keep in mind that googles support is by far some of the best in the buisness, if you have an issue with your phone, dont expect a lot of help from a Chinese company.
  • Xiaomi Mi5s has the exact same specs. Snapdragon 821 processor, 1080P display, actually has a bigger battery and sells for $350 less. I'll take my chances on the phone and support. If it fails, I could buy another entire phone and still save $50 compared to the Pixel!
  • Well, the problem is MIUI and the fact that not all US LTE bands are supported.
  • Those are my thought exactly. Very disappointed in Pixel's price. Honor brand is pretty good too and software is really not bad. And they will be releasing more phones.
  • Huawei Honor 8 looks pretty nice. There are plenty of phones that are as capable as the Pixel for 1/2 the price. Google just launched a flop.
  • I'm guessing the Verizon deal is for someone to actually put some marketing muscle behind the devices. Obviously Google has no marketing department one would assume?
  • Hey goofballs, remember when the iPhone was only on AT&T? What a failure that was right???
  • Well at the time the cell phone market wasn't really saturated with a plethora of cell phones either. I can sorta understand why they did this with Verizon. But the price point that Google is charging for that phone. probably should open it up to all cell phone carriers to sell
  • Completely different time. It has been proven time and time again, exclusive phones do not sell well. People don't switch carriers for phones anymore. If Google really wants to complete with Samsung and Apple, they need to offer through all carriers and sales outlets. At that price point, it would seem that they do, so why limit your potential for a sale. My parents aren't going to Google to buy a phone, but they will walk into ATT. They should be available through all US carriers. Like i said, 2007 was a completely different time, this should be a no brainer in 2016. Amazon tried and failed, Facebook tried and failed. It's just not forward thinking business sense.
  • Big difference between 2007-2010 and 2016. If you are on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T and you want an Android device you are more likely going to buy your device in store for support purposes than through Google. That being said - this device has the potential to be great and I am going to wait for the reivews.
  • This is no iPhone, what differentiates this from all other decent android phones out there? You think people will switch to v for this phone like they did for the iPhone?
  • And now you have a wide variety of choices with every carrier with financing directly through them instead of through a bank (it's not directly through Google as they imply.. it's with a bank and is a standard credit card application with a credit check... which means that a lot of people won't qualify). Apple was losing ground by being exclusive later on, and they then broke with AT&T and now everyone has their phones... which improved their saturation. People aren't going to switch to Verizon for this phone (ESPECIALLY Verizon, the priciest of the carriers).
  • $869 for a 128gb Black phone? Nope! No friggin way. And a "single, bottom firing speaker?" What a HUGE step backward. My N6 works great. There will NOT be a Pixel in my future. No way. No how.
  • Is it me or is Google just trying to create a complete iPhone style culture. Not just in appearance but in a mostly underwhelming phone product?
  • i'm missing how the hardware is underwhelming.
  • Well actually I think we are hitting a pretty mediocre growth in cell phones over all. I mean nothing on this phone significantly separates it from existing high end phones. A next gen snap dragon goes from 2.2 to 2.4 but how much will that even be noticeable? I guess if you haven't bought a new phone this year it would be worth a look. If you have there is nothing here to make you want to switch IMO.
  • I just pre-ordered mine through Fi the silver 128gb one. Best part of Fi is insurance is only $5 a month so even after tax it was only a little over $900. I started saving for this phone a few months ago so is the price high? Yes. Is the specs top tier? Yes. So if this was a non google phone would there be this uproar? NO. If you don't want to buy it fine, but don't rag on people who do want to have it.
  • The way Google just dropped the last year Nexus....you would pay nearly $1k for THIS lmao
  • I was waiting and had high hopes of this being my next phone. They just shot down that dream as I'm not financing it through Google and I won't be switching from Tmo. Of all carriers though....? Verizon? WTH Google?
  • Agreed. As a fellow Tmo customer, I've been hoping one of their new phones (I don't want a Samsung or Apple phone guys... c'mon!)... only to see them choose the dreaded Verizon? Ugh!
  • Exclusive partnership is how Apple lost its ground. I dont have the best credit so I guess I will get a Note 7 through my carrier
  • as someone with a nexus 6 (not 6P, the 6), i'm hoping that if i wait on this, Tmo will eventually have this on their website. here's to wishful thinking! lol
  • I just pre-ordered the 5" 128gb version, want to move back to a smaller phone after years of phablets. I'm banking on this being a much smoother software experience than my current s7 edge, it's great hardware but has noticeable lag and occasional stutters. Google is taking the Apple approach of controlling the hardware and software stack, and I think it will prove to be much smoother than any other Android phone. Also, less bloatware and more reliable software updates. Things I'll miss: wireless charging, water resistance, and Samsung pay (I actually use it). Time will tell if the Pixel can overcome these issues, I'll hang onto the s7 edge for a while just in case I can't live without those features.
  • Just tried to sign up for the XL 128gb in Black, and it's listed as out of stock, so I'm on waitlist. First day, within ~ 6 hours of preorder seems a bit soon to be running out of devices. Wasn't thinking the demand was going to be that high. Might have to look at Best Buy if they get it in stock sooner. Despite the price premium (I buy it through my job and write it off anyway, so it's not really a dealbreaker) I'm pretty excited to move from the 5x that I have. Mostly because I didn't want as wide a phone as the 6P last year as I tend to use it one handed a lot and I have short fingers, so thumb reach across the screen matters to swipe from edge with one hand. But I couldn't go back to a 5 inch because I wanted a slightly bigger screen. I wasn't terribly surprised at the specs. I don't really need waterproofing and I'd rather have quicker charging than wireless charging. I do wish there was a 2nd speaker and none of the reviews have commented on sound quality at this point. The 5x was a definite step back from the 5. I would think HTC could manage a decent sounding phone as that's been their device's big plus in the past. I just didn't care for the HTC 10 or the Motorolas, and I find Touchwiz to be ridiculously bloated that I even hate helping friends with Samsung phones troubleshoot theirs. This device seems a good compromise of all the other Android devices, but with an improved camera. Android users have a different view than Apple, as no phone in our world is "perfect" but often play off one another. Apple makes one (or two devices in recent years) and all they really compare to is their past devices. It's just recently when Samsung has made a solid name for themselves in hardware and innovation that there seem to be direct comparisons. Recently, we can point to an Android phone that had it first compared to Apple hardware, but none of them have all the top features I'm hoping that Google's more hands on approach pushes other developers to innovate in the Android market and makes this phone a bit better than the Nexuses prior. But for now, I prefer the cleaner Google built OS
  • Best Buy preorder is listed, with $100 GC and free Chromecast only if you buy and activate on Verizon. Didn't find bonus for unlocked device purchase :(
  • 100% hard pass on this.
  • Starting at $649... I kinda hope it fails, I'm really disappointed since I invested in Project Fi and can't use any phone for it.
  • Verizon. Seriously? Step on a rake Google.
  • Verizon only means I'll never even consider looking at this phone. I'll never understand these exclusive deals. Oh well.
  • Best Buy better have some sweet deal for the unlocked version.
  • If the screen and cameras aren't as good as the S7's these will sell no differently than thier Nexus predecessors. I have had all but 2 Nexus models (Galaxy & 4) and still have a 5X, but I recently bought an S7 to see what all the hoopla was about and now I know and I am hooked, again. I know I won't get the timely updates, but I have my 5X so I can keep an eye on the latest software. I have my fingers crossed, but if they can't beat Samsung in the critical areas with these two when will it ever happen? They have an uphill battle with no SD card or wireless charging so everything else had better be top tier.
  • Lol boy were you wrong. They sold like wild fire and now, you can't even get the XL on the google store. They're sold out.
  • 759 EUR starting price for the Pixel in Germany :))))) GTFO!!! at this price I can get so many other flagships, better featured, and some of them even much cheaper!
  • I am waiting to get the LG V20 whenever it comes out but I have been doing research to see if there better stuff out and I hate the iphone for many reasons on top of that I am use to Android phones anyways
  • I have tried the Google Fi link to order a phone and there is no place to order the phone through Fi. There is just information on the current phones, join Fi, but I already have a Fi account. So do I have to go through the Google Store to order, and if so does it come with the "Existing Project Fi customers can log in and pre-order now and get a free Google Daydream with their order."? Any info would be appreciated.