Where to buy the Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition for PS4

Best answer: Due to how limited this re-release is, there are only a couple of great options for picking it up. As such, Amazon UK is the best choice, though GAME is also offering it.

Where can I find the Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition on PS4?

You're going to be restrained to a small list of pre-order options for this steelbook. For starters, this physical steelbook re-release of the trilogy seems to be very limited, only getting released in Europe.

Even then, there aren't a lot of retailers that currently have this stocked for pre-order, though that could change in the future. If you're in the U.S. and you're thinking of picking it up, there's some bad news: Amazon UK explicitly notes that this game won't ship to the U.S. and, as of now, a special edition re-release of the game won't ship to the U.S. at all.

What is included in the Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition?

You'll be getting the main trilogy of Arkham games developed by Rocksteady Studios: Batman: Arkham Asylum; Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. Any DLC for the three games is also included. Unfortunately, the spinoff title Batman: Arkham Origins (developed by WB Games Montréal) is not included. You will also get a PS4-exclusive skin called the "Earth 2 Dark Knight Skin" that has never been released in Europe, as well as a nifty steelbook.

There's one silver lining for U.S. fans: according to a tweet from Gaz Deaves, the marketing games manager at Rocksteady, the skin will be available next year for owners of Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation 4 worldwide.

What does the steelbook look like? Why would I want it?

If you haven't seen the steelbook yet, here's what it looks like:

Steelbooks are special metal packaging for games and media releases, usually only available for deluxe, special or collector's editions. A lot of collectors (myself included) like the way steelbooks look and feel, especially since they usually have a unique design compared to standard game boxart, which can often feel formulaic. They're perfect for displays and if you want to show off your collection.

Why Amazon UK?

Amazon UK is a reputable retailer and customers get some special perks. You'll get free shipping for the game within the U.K, it'll ship to the EU, and will offer a price match guarantee in the event of a price drop. It's also one of only two retailers offering this steelbook edition.

Are there any other good options?

If you don't want to use Amazon UK, GAME is another solid choice for pre-ordering the collection. GAME also offers free shipping on pre-orders.

From the looks of things, however, you're going to need to choose between GAME and Amazon UK if you want this collection; it doesn't seem like any other major online retailers have recieved stock for pre-orders. We'll update this article if any more deals become available.

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