WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users, and it's not hard to see why.

You can send text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and locations, make calls, receive calls, and manage messages like a boss, for free. Yeah, free. No per-minute rate for calling internationally, or premium per text message sent or text message received. It's all free. All you need is an internet connection and an existing phone number and away you go!

It's not just sending messages and making calls that make WhatsApp a great alternative to your stock messaging app; you can manage all of your messages right in the app. You can star messages to look at later, double-check the statuses of messages you've sent, and much more.

WhatsApp seamlessly blends multimedia messaging to give you an easy-to-use platform wherein you create an account and you're off. Invite friends to join, and you can easily create group chats. If you've got friends that already use WhatsApp, it'll find them for you to make integration a breeze.

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Need a hand getting started? We've created a handy guide to introduce you to the world of WhatsApp, and we literally mean world.

How to get set up with WhatsApp

WhatsApp has lots of features, but it's easy to set up. Here's how to get started.

How to use search in WhatsApp

WhatsApps' search feature lets you limit your search by chat or call. You can also search your contacts list, which is quite handy when you need to send someone a message and need to scroll through a hundred names.

How to manage notifications in WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you manage your notification settings according by message-type. For instance, you can set up a Lady Gaga ringtone for WhatsApp calls while your chat notification is set to Chopsticks.

Security and Privacy settings in WhatsApp

Maintaining your privacy is an important part of staying safe online. Not everyone needs to see your profile photo or know that you are online right now. Let's take a look at how you can protect your privacy in WhatsApp.

How to send messages in WhatsApp

Sending messages is one of the core tenets of WhatsApp for Android. Here's what you need to know.

How to make calls in WhatsApp

WhatsApp still has you covered with their wonderful call feature. You can place and receive calls via an internet connection and it doesn't cost you a penny (except, perhaps, for data charges).

How to back up and restore messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently added the ability to back up and restore messages through Google Drive.

How to delete your WhatsApp account

  1. Launch WhatsApp from your Home screen or the app drawer. It's a green speech bubble with a white outline and a white telephone receiver inside.
  2. Tap on the more options button. It's the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Tap on Settings. It is the last choice in the pop-up menu.

    Launch whatsapp, then tap more options button, then tap settings

  4. Tap on Account.
  5. Tap on Delete my account. It's the second option up from the bottom of the list on the Account screen.

    Tap account then tap delete account

  6. Type your phone number in the box provided.
  7. Tap the DELETE MY ACCOUNT button.

    Type phone number then tap delete my account

  8. Tap DELETE MY ACCOUNT again on the next screen. You can give a reason for why you're deleting your account there, if you like.
  9. Tap the DELETE MY ACCOUNT button on the final screen.

After you tap the big red button, your WhatsApp account and all of your data will be deleted from your phone and WhatsApp's servers. If you want to get back into using WhatsApp, you'll have to start from scratch and create a new WhatsApp account.

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