What's the best Android phone for former iOS users?

Whether you're talking about computers, phones, smartwatches, or anything else, switching from one operating system to another is never an easy task. Having to learn all of the ins, outs, and idiosyncrasies of a foreign platform takes a lot of time and patience, and this is especially true when making the jump from iOS to Android.

One of our forum users recently shared that their wife is ready to leave her iPhone 6S Plus for something in camp Android, and as you'd probably expect, the community was quick to come to the rescue with some of their top recommendations.

Here are just a few of the responses.

Give the LG V30 a good look, it's a fantastic device, very underrated. I currently have a Huawei Mate10 Pro on review and it's fantastic to, incredibly fast and smooth, Battery life is phenomenal. I'd actually suggest that if she does not mind paying full price, then going for a Mate10 Pro, but if she does mind, look at the LG V30 and HTC U11+


Since your wife is coming off of iOS, I'd recommend the 5T as its close-to-stock experience will make the transition easier. However, I've also heard that Motorola is somewhat to stock as well; so the Moto Z2 Play or Z2 Force are solid options as well, IMO.



Here's an odd recommendation. The Essential Phone. It has gotten a ton of updates and it's a better phone than it was at launch, but it's still not entirely perfect. The software gremlins are more-or-less sorted but some still remain and while the camera app has improved, you will still need the Google Camera HDR+ port in order to get good images out of it. But if hardware design is your...


Now, we'd like to hear from you – What Android phone would you recommend to someone coming from iOS?

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