What's the best Android phone for former iOS users?

Whether you're talking about computers, phones, smartwatches, or anything else, switching from one operating system to another is never an easy task. Having to learn all of the ins, outs, and idiosyncrasies of a foreign platform takes a lot of time and patience, and this is especially true when making the jump from iOS to Android.

One of our forum users recently shared that their wife is ready to leave her iPhone 6S Plus for something in camp Android, and as you'd probably expect, the community was quick to come to the rescue with some of their top recommendations.

Here are just a few of the responses.

Give the LG V30 a good look, it's a fantastic device, very underrated. I currently have a Huawei Mate10 Pro on review and it's fantastic to, incredibly fast and smooth, Battery life is phenomenal. I'd actually suggest that if she does not mind paying full price, then going for a Mate10 Pro, but if she does mind, look at the LG V30 and HTC U11+


Since your wife is coming off of iOS, I'd recommend the 5T as its close-to-stock experience will make the transition easier. However, I've also heard that Motorola is somewhat to stock as well; so the Moto Z2 Play or Z2 Force are solid options as well, IMO.



Here's an odd recommendation. The Essential Phone. It has gotten a ton of updates and it's a better phone than it was at launch, but it's still not entirely perfect. The software gremlins are more-or-less sorted but some still remain and while the camera app has improved, you will still need the Google Camera HDR+ port in order to get good images out of it. But if hardware design is your...


Now, we'd like to hear from you – What Android phone would you recommend to someone coming from iOS?

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  • Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL. It’s the best Android has to offer and comes with regular security and software updates.
  • Exactly. The closest thing to an iPhone experience is with a Pixel.
  • Plus the Pixel 2 has a UI that's almost as feature-free and brain dead as the iPhone UI.
  • ^ This. 😁😉😉
  • Unless she wants to record video at 60fps 1080p, something your Note can't do very well.
  • What exactly do you consider "features"?
  • +1
  • Yeah the most bland UI with no headphone jack or expandable storage. They will feel right at home. It would be the easiest for the elderly and little kid iPhone fan base to make the switch..
  • I would agree the Pixel is the closest android phone to an iPhone. As long as you get a good one.
    No bells no whistles it just works.
    Very fast even after 12 months and gets software updates.
    Designed with no regard for aesthetics. A tool to be used not a toy to be played with.
  • Pixels are really nice looking n performing devices. But somehow being a BlackBerry user with physical keyboard requirement with security n sturdiness I have never switched to any device for primary use than BlackBerry. Been an apple user for quite long for its subtle designs and iTunes collection, but never gave up on my BlackBerry for work use.
    Now happy being on BBKEYone since its launch. PRIV was a so so device and with KEYone and Motion BlackBerry has really improved.
  • Samsung Active S8. Great phone. Rugged and great battery life.
  • The iPixel.
    Because it's an iPhone rip-off with all that's bad about the iPhone, so you'll feel right at home: little customisation, no microSD expansion, overpriced to no end, far inferior to many of the real Android flagships.
  • +1 So have to agree with your comments!
  • Haters gon hate
  • I cannot disagree with your statement. It was exactly how I felt when i transitioned from the Note 8 to the Pixel 2XL. I used the XL for a couple of month. The Note 8 was better in every aspect except 4 areas: camera, front facing speakers, software updates and battery life. I switched back to the Note 8, but for some reason...If i had the chance, I'd go back to the XL in a heartbeat. The main reason is that amazing camera it has. I'm not a professional photographer, so I don't have a fancy DSLR, just an inexpensive low-range to mid-range DSLR, and lemme tell you....shooting pics and video on the XL is soooo much more enjoyable for me and the results are impressive. the Pixel line really is a no-thrills device. it lacks a lot of features, and yet costs are unreasonably high for such a device....but even so...it's a device i enjoyed using
  • That's interesting, because I do have a high-end DSLR and I prefer the camera of the Note 8 over the XL. The pics are over-saturated, but it's not hard to tone that down. Telephoto pics just look better on the Note 8, and that's not something that can be as easily fixed.
  • The Pixel 2 is the cheapest new flagship you can buy outside of maybe the OnePlus 5.
  • Maybe so...but infinantely better than Samsung trash!
  • You have no idea what your yakking about. The Pixel 2XL is a fantastic phone with phenomenal battery life...
  • Just pick the most overrated Android device. They'll eat that @#$% up.
  • Jeff275, NOTE 8 it is!
  • Samsung s8 or s8 plus very well supported as of late. Or wait 3 months and see what the s9 has to offer
  • Anything but a Galaxy
  • Agreed, recently got rid of my note 8 for a pixel 2 xl. I never realized what a pita it was to transfer data from a Samsung to another device and vice versa except when using a pixel. It was incredibly simple with no issues with Google drive either. (Note 8 would not recognize Google drive so would not pickup my backups when setting up phone).
  • Are you for real? Sometimes there is stuff on here that is so out there that you just have to scratch your head and say wtf.
  • IMO, a lot of comments contain stuff pulled out of the person's behind. Especially comments about how they bought every farking phone known to man and returned them all for a Pixel 2 XL.
  • Agreed, recently got rid of my Rolls Royce Phantom for a Chevy Impala stock car. I never realized what a pita it was to have all that bloated fancy leather, safety and luxury features. My Chevy Impala has nothing but an engine, drive train, and the basics, so it drives buttery smooth. Best car you can buy.
  • Note 8 is a solid phone, may be more than you need but 6g of ram is nice
  • Pixel 2 for sure. They need something a 80 year old can use with ease.
    Also their customer service is A+ which is something they are used to with Apple.
  • I came from a 6S and went with the Pixel 2 XL. I went that route because it has stock Android and gets monthly updates. Coming from Apple, where you get lots of updates, that was important to me. Good experience so far but definitely a learning curve, even after being a BlackBerry fangirl for many years before hitting the iPhone.
  • Good pick. But BlackBerry Android ones are really great if you security n physical keyboard is something on top of your priority list of a smartphone. I liked the camera n over all feel n look of Pixel but BlackBerry is BlackBerry for me, still. BlackBerry Motion is a good one too.
    Happy Tech shopping !
  • I hope BlackBerry stays afloat. I admire them for weathering it so far. Wish I knew someone with a Motion so I could play with it a bit!
  • switched to pixel2 after 4 years of samsuck phones, feel like a free man breathing free air.
    previously it was tolerating bloatware, crapware, awfully skinned android they call samsuck experience, tons of useless apps, and no updates. ok.. maybe 1 update, and that's it. that update was already obsolete even before it was made available OTA. that's how long it took samsuck to push out updates. lots of apps didn't work properly as they should (example, pushbullet failed to send notification unless launch the app everyday) pixel2 however..the stock android experience was so exhilarating coming from samsuck, i'm never going back to any skinned android, ever.
  • Clearly you've never actually used a Samsung phone, or bought some other POS from the back of a white van that had a Samsung sticker covering up the real phone brand. The fact that you also call it samsuck shows that you are either 10, or have the maturity level of a 10 year old. The fact that you are calling an update obsolete containing security fixes also points to a lack of maturity and sadly intelligence. I will never understand why people feel the need to bash products they clearly never used, it's so juvenile.
  • +1 I've used Samjunk phones. The Galaxy original, 2, 3, 4, the piece of crap that was the Galaxy S6 as well as the exploding Note 7 and they have all pailed in comparison to the Pixel 2XL. The Samjunks I've used have all had the same things in common, after a month they start getting sluggish, their battery life sucks and after an update if you ever get one they become so buggy they require a master reset to fix and then you hope that does it... As for headphone Jack's, do people still really use those? If you must leave the adapter on your plug and just use USB-C, geesh
  • Pixel 2 / 2XL. In the ways that Android is better than Apple, it's totally an Android phone. In the ways that Apple is better than Android, it's as close as we're probably ever going to get in the Android space to Apple. There is no absolutely perfect best of both worlds compromise / middle ground. That's called a Unicorn. But I absolutely stand fast by my belief that the Pixel is absolutely the closest thing to that fantastical mythical creature as can be had this side of the fantasy / reality line.
  • If you're running for your life from Apple and want to get as far as you can, bypass the Pixel. If you didn't like being so closely tied to Apple and don't want to be so with Google, skip the Pixel. If you actually wish to get lost in the weeds of abstract, quirky, novel Android features and devices, skip this device. If you have a highly specialized critical need that a different hand set does better, then yeah, go ahead and go that way instead. If, like Apple, you want a status symbol by having the most recognized and popular handset, well, that's still Samsung for the time being. If you're gonna root your phone, well, then do whatever the heck you want, because it doesn't matter!... ...for everyone else coming from Apple to Android, there's Pixel, the first one at the door to greet you when you come over. Disclosure: Historically, I've tended to go back and forth between Apple and Android, because ultimately, I like both platforms, but see neither as perfect. Also, my last phone was an iPhone 6 plus. But my current phone is a Pixel 2XL, and precisely because I like both platforms, and I believe this is the closest I'll ever come to having both platforms all in one device, I may have just found my "forever home", and may even never leave the line (or the ecosystem) ever again. I mean, unless the Pixel line goes to crap, or unless something ever comes out that's worth a damn at all that's called "Surface", those two outcomes may well be the only two things that may ever move me out of #teampixel ever again! :-) And if you're on Apple, but are looking to switch, if you're looking for something that's different enough to be exciting, but similar enough to still be sorta comfortable, that brings you as much of what's good about Android as possible, while simultaneously preserving as much of what's good about Apple that's possible under the circumstances....then have I got the phone for you!! :-D Cheers!
  • Brilliant take. I couldn't agree more when comparing iPhone and Pixel devices. Google did a good job copying the Apple experience for better or worse. I also appreciate both platforms and appreciate Android even more now because of what Google did with the Pixel.
  • Thank you so much, @89caps! Go #teampixel!! :-)
  • Agree 100% It's no accident the Pixel takes a lot of what people like about the iPhone and bring it to Android that was what I think Google wanted.
    It's also one of the reason a lot of people don't like it, they have different priority's.
  • Right. And even with as obviously enthused about this phone and phone line as I am, I hope I never lose sight of the fact that there is no such thing as "a phone for literally EVERYBODY." There are definitely people for whom a Pixel is a suboptimal fit, who really should look elsewhere. However, that said, I really do believe the Pixel is a great phone and would make a great phone - possibly even the BEST phone for a lot of people - especially among those moving our way from Apple. Cheers!
  • Never been a android fan, specially being a BlackBerry user. Was on iPhone too constantly while BlackBerry being my primary device for work. But since PRIV, BlackBerry has come a long way in all positive way with KEYone and Motion.
    Great devices for iOS user who wants a no non sense, neat , stock android device. #BBAndroid #superlike
  • Either OnePlus or pixel. Nothing else on the market compares day to day. I can't go back to Sammy, they are garbage.
  • I think their actual hardware is top notch, and their screens are flippin' superlative. But you're right. It'd be a really hard sell to get me back into a Samsung. Sammy adds some pretty cool features to their software, I'll grant them that - especially in the Note line. But man, their software is so heavy, and messed with. I don't really like the look or feel of [what used to be called] "TouchWiz", I don't like the long-term day to day performance of Sammy software either, once the honeymoon wears off. And, now, this last bit is based on old info, and may have since improved some. But perhaps the thing I hate the most is the eternal waits for updates. Again, this is old info, and was even under a different carrier, but I will probably never get the taste out of my mouth of having a Note 3 on Sprint and waiting literally five or six months for the Lollipop update, checking nearly every day, only to have it be almost unrecognizable as Lollipop when I finally got it! That was no bueno! The silver lining is that that process is what ultimately led me to discover and get turned onto Android Central, as well as the other Mobile Nations sites. I have apps on my phone for AC, Windows Central, and iMore, and check them regularly (less so with iMore). So at least some good came of it. :-) My vote is the Pixel. As I've said elsewhere on AC, heck, even elsewhere on this same thread, in the ways that Android is better than Apple, Pixel is totally an Android phone, but in the ways that Apple is better than Android, the Pixel gets us as close as we're probably ever gonna get in the Android space to Apple. There is no absolutely perfect middle ground or perfect best of both worlds, but I'm standing on the vote that I made with my dollars this past November that the Pixel 2 (or in my case, the Pixel 2XL) is the closest thing reality has to that mythical Unicorn of a device. In fact, historically, I've jumped back and forth between Apple and Android, because I like them both for various reasons, and dislike them both for various reasons. My previous phone was an Apple, in fact (a 6 plus) But with the Pixel line being such a great "compromise", it may well be the thing that finally puts an end to that jumping back and forth. I may be "home at last". :-) I say that unless the Pixel line gets discontinued, or just totally goes to crap eventually, or perhaps if we should ever see a device emerge that's worth a damn at all that bears the name "Surface", those circumstances may cause me to leave #teampixel. Otherwise, I think I'm pretty unlikely to ever leave. And if I ever do, but there is no Surface, and it's between Apple and "Wild Android", then I'll probably just go back to the back and forth. Samsung wouldn't be absolutely out of the question....but it'd have to overcome A LOT! :-) Cheers!