Which weather app do you rely on?

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This weekend is Memorial Day in the U.S., so many people will be taking an extra day off. With most employees still working from home, many will take advantage of the holiday to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, not everyone will experience great weather this weekend, which may put a literal damper on some plans. Here in sunny Seattle, we're expecting some clouds to roll in, which is typical but unfortunate after weeks of sunny weather. However, that's still nothing compared to what other parts of the U.S. may have to deal with.

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Fortunately, we've already put together a list of the best Weather apps on Android to help you plan for your weekend. Google has also brought its cute Weather Frog to its smart home displays like the Nest Hub Max for an interactive look at your weekend. And for anyone dealing with particularly inclement weather, we have a handy guide to help you prepare.

That said, we at Android Central want to know what your favorite Weather app is. Be sure to comment below on your favorite weather apps!

Derrek Lee
News Editor

Derrek is a long-time Nokia and LG fanboy who loves astronomy, videography, and sci-fi movies. When he's not working, he's most likely working out or smoldering at the camera.

  • I am a fan of AccuWeather, it's easy and just works.
  • Carrot is my go to app.
  • WeatherBug. Best for me, functionally.
  • Weawow is my weather app. It's accurate, informative, well-designed, functional, free AND ad-free. It also has great widgets.
  • Definitely. The widgets are what got me to use weawow.
  • No Weather Bug or The Weather Channel? We're popular + highly rated apps left off of the list?
  • I use the one that came with my phone, but I don't really *rely* on any.
  • I need one with a good radar. I used to use AccuWeather but since gets a Samsung device I've been using their app.
  • 1Weather has a nice widget that I use.
  • Local news weather app. It has a radar and forecast, very accurate. The Weather Channel is my back up.
  • A little known one called Shadow Weather. If you are a weather junkie, you'll love it. Found it after searching for a Dark Sky replacement. Accurate, and has all the bells and whistles and detail you need.
  • I don't trust 3rd party weather apps. Most of them sell your location data to 3rd party data brokers. That includes AccuWeather. I do have a bookmark to the National Weather Service website on my home screen.
  • The Weather Network
  • I use MyRadar
  • Here in Canada, The Weather Network is the clear and easy choice. I've used it on all my devices since my BlackBerry Curve 8710.
    Most other weather apps just don't have the level of geographical accuracy for Canada as they're focused on the US.
  • I love the MinuteCast feature of Accuweather. By-the-minute display of when rain will start or end for your specific location.
  • AccuWeather...had it on my phone for years, always works well
  • Transparent Clock and Weather (ad-free). Because the most important part of any weather app is a beautiful widget. And it's the beautiful-est (and very detailed/informative).
  • 1Weather. Variety of widgets got me.
  • The Environment Canada app is actually surprisingly good!
  • Not enough categories. Need an OTHER without a qualifier of it was on the phone.
    If you are going to do a poll, do it right!
  • I use my local weather app. I live in tornado Alley and have to deal with dangerous weather in the spring and fall and have to have something that can tell me what's happening right up to the minute.
  • I've recently switched to Weather by Tomorrow . The hyperlocal forecast appears to be better than MinuteCast to know when it's going to rain. The app was so good, I paid a few extra dollars to get the premium features.
  • WeaWow is good, but I still return to WeatherBug Elite.
  • I used the At a Glance widget on the Lawnchair app on my S20 FE, which is the best one for me as its the most accurate.
  • Geometric Weather for me. I paid the few bucks for the paid version, but it provides a lot of useful information while also utilizing an exceptionally clean and good UI.
  • I use 2 apps. The Weather Channel and Weather Live. Weather Live uses user input and updates based on actual reports. It's really good. I've been using it since 2015.