What smartphone are you carrying right now?

If you're in the market for a new smartphone, it's awfully hard these days to buy something that you'll be disappointed with. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an excellent handset for people that want a phone that can do everything (and then some), the Google Pixel 2 has the best camera ever seen on a phone, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro offers stupendous battery life, etc., etc.

The options that are available to you are more than abundant, and as such, it's interesting to learn about which phones other Android fans carry and why they chose the phone they did.

These are the phones some of our forum users choose to rock.

I switch between the pixel 2 XL and the essential phone. Essential phone is hands down the best feeling phone I've ever had but the camera and reception are what bring me back to my pixel. When I know I'll have good reception and don't care about taking pics I use the essential.


I had a Samsung Note 8 and recently sold it and bought a Pixel 2 XL (Panda). I really like the pixel so far and fell in love with the software right away. I likes the note 8 at first but Samsung's software grew tiresome. I also thought that the phone was always just too big to carry and use comfortably. the pixel seems to be just the right size for everyday use. With that said I do have a...


My Pixel 2 is my main phone. I do use my Moto E4 Plus (best $100 phone I've had) around the house a lot while on WiFi or while on my bicycle.


Pixel 2XL is my daily. I have other phones but I only use them as backups except for my v20 which I sometimes used to play audio because of the Quad DAC

Mike Dee

Now, we'd like to hear from you – Which phone are you using right now as your daily driver?

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