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What a Nexus One would look like if Apple had its way

Did you hear that Apple is suing the pants off of HTC? Of course you did. And though the lawsuit will likely all be settled with millions of dollars exchanging hands and business will go on as usual...what if it doesn't? What if Apple has its way with HTC Android phones? Wired examines this potential horror story. The phone and Android UI above is what we'd likely be getting. To quote:

Picture an HTC Google phone whose desktop shows a grid of icons with gaps. Arrows on the screen help you navigate your windows. A physical unlock button on the phone gets you past the lock screen. Battery life could potentially be poor in sleep mode, which could be addressed with a free battery extender — or even better, a hand-crank charger — as shown in the illustration above.

Eek. Obviously, some of the items have been dramatized for effect but boy, that would be a clunker of a phone to use. Let's hope we never go down that path. Hit the link for full descriptions of what features would have to be replaced and with what.


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  • Yeah I saw this on Giz, hilarious. What gets me is how they talk about how Android hasn't even caught up with the original iPhone, then they do this. It put a big smile on my face seeing all the articles quoting Steve Jobs about how great artists steal.
  • Looks a little like winmo
  • Steve's next big lawsuite ... pc owners for having computers that are setup just like the imac. Monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse ... it's all just too similar to what apple makes!
  • this is so damn funny!! lol
  • This would only happen in the US of A.
  • Steve Jobs is just one big tool lool
  • An Apple Mac that hasn't stolen from others.
  • Hopefully the judge owns an Android device and despises Apple. BTW, Hold your tongue when you say Apple and that will tell you what Steve Jobs is :)
  • hey i just bit into an apple and set it on my desk....can steve jobs sue for having a snack that looks like the apple logo? apple wasnt white so i think im in the clear....better contact my lawyer just in case.....what a dork...ANDROIDS WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!
  • Law suits are quite common among tech companies. But going by the enthusiasm of Android Central on covering this htc law suit I wonder whether this blog site is an 'Apple mole' in the Android fold. This is my one time log-in to make the point... is some one reading this?
  • This is yet more evidence that the US patent system is broken. While I think Apple's claims are ridiculous, under the current system I don't think HTC stands a chance. It also seems that much of what Apple is claiming as infringement extends beyond HTC. When they're done with HTC, where will they turn next?
  • Palm. Last I checked, dragging down a picture of a lock to unlock the screen is a "Gesture to unlock a screen" much like the "Drag down screen to unlock" the Hero has.
    Palm also had the iTunes syncing.
    I'm sure Jobs wouldn't mind shoving the RAMROD up John Rubenstein's @$$ one more time. However, being a former pissed off Pre owner, I wouldn't mind rooting for Apple on that lawsuit. Once Palm has been obliterated from selling devices, I will be a happy camper.
  • Doesn't it seem kinda "odd" that Apple would launch this lawsuit against HTC obviously targeting the android device just before AT&T introduces its first Android? The Motorola Backflip? I am pretty much positive that HTC isn't the REAL target here, just the first stop in the android line up